Neanderthaler hatten heißes Wasser und Schlafräume!

Neandertaler hatten heißes Wasser und SchlafräumeSpanische Archäologen haben in der katalanischen Höhle »Abric Romaní«…

Posted by Grenzwissenschaft & Science on Sunday, August 30, 2015

Graham Hancock und die Ausgrabungsstätte

Graham Hancock on Gunung Padang Re-dating"For those who missed my post on this last week, a radical re-dating has been…

Posted by Ancient Explorers on Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fachfrau in Sachen MAYA!

Diver 'VANISHES' into Portal to Maya Underworld

Researchers, diving into natural pools in Belize in the quest for offerings from the ancient Maya, found what's believed to be the country's first recorded fossilized remains. Watch as one diver 'disappears' into the pool's floor!The dives were made in several pools in central Belize in an area known as Cara Blanca. The researchers found evidence that the 8 pools of the 25 they studied are likely connected through underground passages. The Maya considered openings into the Earth, caves and sinkholes as portals to the underworld; as Xibalba. Hey there Ancient Explorers. Join us in our upcoming Land of the Maya Expedition. Click Here<<>>Like/Comment/

Posted by Ancient Explorers on Thursday, August 27, 2015