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Die Speerspitze der deutschen UFO-Erforschung ist wieder zurück

Nach dreiwöchigem Krankenhausaufenthalt ist Werner Walter mit vollem Dampf und reduzierten Blutdruck wieder zurück in Business für die UFO-Agenda 2010

Donnerstag, der 25.März 2010 - nach 21 Tagen Zwangspause im Mannheimer Uni-Klinikum ist der UFO-Liebling der Nation wieder auf Ballhöhe zurück und macht uns weiterhin zum Glück den Rotkittel-UFO-Zombie nach einer wahrhaft lebensbedrohlichen Lage ohne jeglichen Comedy-Charakter.

In dieser Zeit des zwangsweisen ´Schlafmodus´ und UFO-´Abgekoppeltheit´ kamen keinerlei ´UFOlogie-Entzugserscheinungen´ bei ihm hoch - UFOs vermisst gab es bei ihm nicht (mehr)*. Die Zeiten sind schon lange vorbei. Dabei gab es doch außerirdischen Besuch - eine beschweife Feuerkugel erschien am 16.März gegen 20:08 h wie im AKM-Forum - http://www.meteoros.de/php/viewtopi... - berichtet wurde über Westdeutschland. Kaum wieder zuhause, meldete sich der MDR mit Radio Jump um in Sachen ´50 Jahre SETI´ ein Interview zu fahren...

* = Dafür waren aber die ehrlichen MJ-Flashdancings ein ´Missing Drill-Factor´: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPop... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opt_... . Genau die selbe Wirkung hat bekanntlich ´Jack Bauer´ aus ´24´, der coolsten Show der Welt - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUW5... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7SC... . Warun? DARUM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tcnp... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG1U... .

Und in Sachen UFOs über England ist auch alles beim Alten, wie die ´Hightland News´ ( http://www.highland-news.co.uk/news... ) berichten:

>I saw UFO four times!

A CULLODEN man claims he had seen the object at the centre of a UFO mystery FOUR times in recent weeks in the nightsky above Inverness and Nairn. Rob Jackson has come forward to reveal he was the person who sparked a UFO fireball alert over Nairn last month - and dismissed claims what he saw was merely a love lantern. For Mr Jackson said the mystery object was shaped like a helicopter and moving at 150-200mph. In revealing his identity, he stressed that he is not a crank and said one sighting was also witnessed by his mother, who said she was "awestruck" by the experience.

The first report of the incident above Nairn on Valentine´s Day appeared on a Canadian website. But when an account of the sighting was published in the Highland News, it led to debate on this website over whether a Chinese lantern could have been responsible. Eventually a love struck couple from the Aviemore area contacted the HN to claim responsibility, saying it was a large love lantern they had released in the Cairgorms. But Mr Jackson has now come forward to dismiss this theory and even has his mum as an eye witness to strange goings on in the night skies along the Moray Firth coast. "I know what I saw but it was definitely not a love lantern or a Chinese lantern. It was far too big and it did not flicker from the centre. It was shaped liked a helicopter or truck cab and it travelled at between 150-200mph, so it could never have been a lantern," Mr Jackson told the HN. I am just an ordinary guy and am not a crank. I felt after reading these silly stories about the love lantern all I want is verification. I can´t believe this was seen by myself and nobody else."

He said the love lantern was set off in the Cairngorms at 6pm and the light he saw was at 8pm. Mr Jackson, a self-employed bathroom fitter, said he has now had FOUR sightings of the UFO. And the second was witnessed by his mother Anne. Last month we described how the Valentine´s Day sighting was reported on the website of Canadian paranormal researcher Brian Vike. Mr Jackson had sent an anonymous blog to the website describing how he spotted the UFO approaching Nairn from the east on February 14. He turned up the Grantown Road to get a closer look to see the fireball-like object travel in a north north-easterly direction. He was so amazed he phoned his girlfriend and mother before reporting it to the local police station. The following evening, he took his mother to the spot near Nairn where he had parked his van to witness the spectacle. Although there was no sign of the UFO there, Rob and Anne spotted it on their journey home to Culloden. Although Nairn police said they had no record of the sighting, Mr Jackson insisted he did report it to the station. "I spoke to a female civilian employee," he said. "I told her that I had seen something strange in the sky that didn´t seem to be of this planet. I just said I´m not nuts and I´m very sane but I have seen this fireball. The woman said she would send a car out immediately but I just laughed because whatever it was I had seen had long gone."

Mr Jackson said he was so amazed by the experience he took his mother back to Nairn the following evening. "I suppose we were UFO hunting," he said. "We parked up on the Grantown Road where I had seen the UFO the previous evening but saw nothing so decided to head home to Culloden via the back road. At Balloch, out of the corner of my eye I saw the same orange light shaped like a helicopter. I got out of the van but couldn´t pick it up on the camera but I watched it with my binoculars. There was a man there with two black dogs but I didn´t have time to speak to him, but he must have seen it. Mum just looked at it in silence. It was heading between the Kessock Bridge and Nairn along the Moray Firth coast and we followed it in the van before it disappeared into light clouds." Mr Jackson said he saw the same object on a night out with friends in Inverness on February 27 about 11.30pm. "I drew it to the attention of my mates and one of them asked me how I knew it wasn´t simply a plane. You don´t see a plane which is orange at the front back and side. I knew it was the same thing I´d seen before at Nairn and Balloch."

The fourth and last sighting happened again at Nairn on March 6 as Rob drove along the A96. "I turned off and went down to the car park beside the cafe on the links and this was one of the best sightings. It seemed to cover a distance of about five miles in about 20 seconds." Mum Anne said what they saw on February 15 definitely wasn´t a Chinese lantern or a love lantern. "Chinese lanterns hang down and it wasn´t that shape. I realised straight away it wasn´t a plane because it had no wings. There was just this ball of orange light with no wings and we had to travel quite fast to keep up with it. I was awestruck. I´ve never seen anything in the sky like it before and it didn´t look the norm. Rob got a much closer look at Nairn but it was exactly as he described to me and I could see what he meant." An RAF spokesperson at Kinloss said nothing showed up on radar at these times which could be conceived as a threat to UK air space. This time last year, UFO reports hit the headlines in several parts of the UK, including incidents at North Kessock and Lochaber which were revealed in the Highland News. These included a wind turbine in Lincolnshire which was badly damaged after locals saw mysterious lights heading towards a wind farm. At the time, Ministry of Defence insiders suggested a giant Stealth bomber on a secret mission in the vicinty could have been responsible for the damage.<

Ein Check ergab, das weiteres dummes Zeugs dieser Art in den letzten Wochen in England hochgespielt und mystifiziert werden.. Wenn bewusst nicht-erkannte IFOs zu UFOs gemacht werden - das eigentliche UFO-Geheimnis!

Um was es sich in Wirklichkeit handelt es doch längst bekannt, siehe z.B. hier:

>Barry ´UFO´ sightings could be down to Chinese lanterns

CHINESE Lanterns have been blamed for the recent ´UFO´ sighting in the Barry sky. The paper lanterns which are lit up by a candle and drift on the wind give a glow, depending on the colour of the paper shade. Many of them sold in Barry are red-orange, the same colour of the glow that UFO spotters have reported. In response to a sighting by biochemist Jeff Dyas in the town last week, Barry resident and Coastguard member Dave Ball explained that due to the direction of the light, its colour and height, that it was most likely a Chinese Lantern. "These Lanterns are becoming more common and are a cause for concern around the coast of the country," said Mr Ball. "They should not be flown from Barry as there is a warning on the packet not to fly within five miles of an airport. The warning also says to tell the Coastguard if you fly it near the coast. On the Sunday night in question the wind was from the east, so the light would have traveled westwards. The light lasts for approximately 20 minutes, and lights up the inside of the lantern, giving an orange-red glow."

A writer on UFO website UFO BLOG.com said: "Balloons are the most misidentified aerial object of the minute and shows no signs of easing up." The news will perhaps come as a disappointment to Vale Council chief executive John Maitland Evans, who had suggested that aliens had come to Barry to experience life in the Vale!<

Nach: http://www.barryanddistrictnews.co....

Hier gibt es gewaltige ufologische Probleme, die auch mit exologisch-neoliberalem Schöngerede nicht besser werden und Zentrifugalkräfte bei der Wirklichkeitsfindung freisetzen, die das Fandom unglaubwürdig machen. Eine UFO-Altlast die gerne weggewischt wird, um die Mythologie künstlich leben zu lassen, quasi als Luftnummer oder als ´Luftschlag´. Zu gerne wird diese bittere Wahrheit der UFO-Legende in Sachen Belastbarkeit von den Gläubigen wortgewaltig übertünscht und kaschiert während dies gleichsam eine Kastratration der Wirklichkeit ist, um die Magie ´glühen´ zu lassen. Die Realität ist dabei der Verlierer in diesem feisten Spiel... Warum geschieht dies nur? Klar, um den Fanblock-Frust zu vermeiden und die UFO-Günstlinge bei Laune zu halten. UFO-Vetternwirtschaft nennt man dies und sobald man dieses Fundamentalproblem erkennt, sieht man auch, dass die ganze UFO-Legende in dem Sinnn nur reine Nervensache ist. So gesehen spielen hier in der UFO-Industrie die Opferfunktion und die Wirtschaft eine ideologische Rolle. Tatsache ist: Das legendäre UFO-Phänomen mit seinen Image lässt sich nicht mehr auf Null zurückstellen. Das Thema ist längst nicht mehr unschuldig und es existiert nicht mehr jenseits der eigenen Kreativität des menschlichen Geistes, der menschlichen Fantasie! Der ´Flying Saucer´-Vortrag ist im Bild eines aufgestempelten ´Fachkommentars´ gelaufen. Die Einstellung im Kopf der Öffentlichkeit ist irrlehrenmässig zur Verzauberung der Welt gemacht/gedacht. Da gibt es keinen Wendepunkt mehr.

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