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´Hot-News´ in Sachen Boulevard, UFOs und VIPs

Mensch, da bekamen wir ja wieder pures Entertainment zu sehen... Ausgleich: Der Burner des DSDS-Abends...

Montag, der 2.März 2009. Eröffnen wir den Tag mit ´Hot-News´ in Sachen Boulevard, UFOs und VIPs:

>Katie Price & Peter Andre auf Ufo-Jagd

Los Angeles (die-news) - Katie Price und Peter Andre haben ein neues Hobby für sich entdeckt: Das Glamour-Paar hält neuerdings nach Ufos Aussicht. Wie die britische Zeitung "The Sun"* berichtet, wollen die beiden deshalb so bald wie möglich Roswell in New Mexiko besuchen, wo 1947 ein Ufo abgestürzt sein soll. Das 30-jährige Glamourmodel wörtlich: "Peter liebt Ufos und ich würde wahnsinnig gern eines sehen. Ich habe noch niemals an etwas geglaubt, bis ich es mit meinen eigenen Augen gesehen habe, aber ich bin sehr interessiert daran und ich bin für die Idee offen." Katie Price und Peter Andre leben mit ihren Kindern derzeit in Los Angeles. Das Glamour-Paar plant, auch in den USA berühmt zu werden.<

Nach: http://www.die-news.de/include.php?...

*= Mehr dazu siehe hier: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepag...

Neues von Robbie Williams - und es passt wieder alles wie ´Arsch auf Eimer´:

>Robbie Williams joins local UFO-spotting club

Washington, Mar 2 (ANI): Pop star Robbie Williams has joined a local UFO-spotting group to continue his search for extraterrestrial life. The former Take That singer has become a member of Swindon UFO Research, close to his home in the Cotswolds, England. According to The People, he has previously spent time stargazing from observatories in the Arizona desert, and is eager to pursue his hobby closer to home. (Williams) is keen to get involved with the local community and has become very, very interested in space, Contactmusic quoted a source as saying. (ANI)<

Nach: http://www.newspostonline.com/enter...

UFOs über England...

Kaum ist Williams Mitglied im Klub und schon lesen wir diese Geschichte... - so als wenn er hat was springen lassen. ´Wiltshire UFO and ghost investigators launch paranormal hotline´ war die Headline u.a. in der ´Gazette & Herald´ ( http://www.gazetteandherald.co.uk/n... ) hierzu:

>UFO hunters in Wiltshire have launched a new hotline for people to report sightings. From today a 24 hour response line is being operated by Swindon UFO Research and Wiltshire Phenomena Researchfor anyone those who have experienced something unusual and wish to report their experiences in a confidential manner. A spokesman said: "A member of the response centre will return their call and offer their advice based on their knowledge of their retrospective fields of study. The team also has the ability to carry out on site investigations with a dedicated and experienced paranormal investigations team."

Organiser Chris Williams said: "It will become a centre of fortean reporting for the area. Callers can contact us and we will route their call to a member of the ARC response team with expertise in the particular area of the callers experience. Membership is strictly controlled, but we will expand the system to cover more areas and will look for additional experienced investigators and researches to join with us. We will deliver a confidental and quality service to those experiencing unusual phenomena."

To contact the team call (01793) 484510. Leave a message with your name, contact details and a brief description of your experience.<

Und was bringt der ´Swindon Advertiser´ ( http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/... ) hier für eine Geschichte auf, um Williams als UFOlogen zu erfreuen:

>UFOs turn out to be Chinese lanterns

The mystery surrounding some of the strange lights hovering above Swindon has been solved. The glowing orbs seen hovering above Stratton on February 22 were in fact 40 Chinese lanterns released in memory of tragic Gary Lane who died after being in collision with a car in Ermin Street in October last year. Gary would have been 24 on Monday last week and with that in mind 40 of his friends and family gathered at his home to release the lanterns to mark the occasion. Mum Anita Lane said: "We bought the lanterns on the internet and decided to release them for his birthday. When I opened the Adver to see that people thought they were UFOs, I thought I better let everyone know the truth."

After the lantern release, Gary´s mum, dad Ernest and sisters Sarah, Joanne, Christine and Tracey joined friends in The Dockle Farmhouse where they toasted his memory. "We wanted to do something special for Gary because his birthday would have been a big event normally," said Anita, 56. "His loss doesn´t get any easier to bear but it´s occasions like this that we can show everyone that we´re missing him and remember him." Gary was killed on October 2 last year when he was hit by a pizza delivery vehicle just minutes from his home. A plaque now sits nestled in the verge where he lost his life, a reminder to all that he is remembered. ... <

Bemerkenswerter Kommentar eines Lesers dazu: "Shouldn´t this be ´UFOs turn out to be Chinese lanterns AGAIN´ ?" Ja, ´The Heat Is On´, eindeutig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgVS... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrPR... . Und hier UFOs über London der selben Art, wieder einmal eine schöne MHB-Flotte: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e53... .

´UFO-sighting hotline up and running´ kam die Headline in der ´Western Daily Press´ ( http://www.thisisbristol.co.uk/wdp/... ) hierzu auf, was ´Alien-Jäger´-Williams noch mehr erfreuen wird* - ähnlich so, wie UFOlogen hierzulande über uns hocherfreut sind:

>Flickering mysteriously across the sky or inexplicably going bump in the night, they can create excitement, disbelief and wild conjecture. But the vast majority of reported UFO sightings or inexplicable happenings have simple and logical, if often somewhat disappointing explanations.

Now West researchers dealing with UFOs and the paranormal, have joined forces to launch a new hotline for people to report intriguing sightings or occurrences. The 24 hour response line has been set-up by the Swindon UFO Research and Wiltshire Phenomena Research to cope with the enquiries and reports from the public. From UFOs to spirits that apparently don´t just come out of a bottle down at the local pub, they want to hear from anyone who has witnessed such happenings. Chris Williams of Swindon UFO Research said: "Callers can contact us and we will route their call to an expert within either of the two groups who we feel would be best be able to handle the enquiry."

Mr Williams, who is in his early 40s, has spent half his life delving into UFOs and formed the Swindon group in November 2007. He said that since June last year the Swindon group had received 47 reports on mysterious objects hurtling through the skies, virtually all of which have been cleared-up with down to earth explanations. "These have ranged from helicopters and aircraft to light shows and the appearance of Venus." His team is currently working on a string of reports of strange "dancing lights" spotted in the skies to the north of Swindon last Thursday. It now appears it was a light show created at Cirencester College during an open day for prospective students. Mr Williams said: "We believe the lights reflected and refracted in the sky. About ninety nine per cent of sightings have explanations like that. We can clear those up and concentrate on the one per cent where there isn´t a logical or apparent explanation."

Messages can be left at: 01793 484510.<

* = Die hisorischen Wurzeln der englischen Vereinigung ´Swindon UFO Research´ scheint Williams in der Neo-UFOlogie der 1970er Jahre rund um das ´Warminster-Ding´ unverständlicherweise nicht zu kennen (aber da geht es ihm auch nicht anders als den meisten UFOlogen, die dann ihr Bild des Jammers zu übertünchen versuchen und noch mehr Spinnereien sich einfallen lassen - es ist und bleibt das Problem: Wer die Vergangenheit nicht kennt, der kann die Gegenwart nicht verstehen!) und wird da noch sein ´Blaues Wunder´ erleben, siehe einfach: http://cenap.alien.de/cenapnews/zei... / http://cenap.alien.de/cenapnews/zei... .

´Cirencester College light display caused UFO mystery´ meldete der ´Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard´ ( http://www.wiltsglosstandard.co.uk/... ) hierüber:

>Mysterious "dancing lights" reported to be UFOs flying over North Wiltshire left residents baffled on Thursday. A number of callers phoned Swindon UFO Research after spotting the strange flickerings in the night sky.

But Cirencester College has revealed it was all part of its sparkling open day display. The college used two search lights to illuminate the site for its event on Thursday night, which had reflected all the way over to Wiltshire. Cirencester College spokesman Sara Popp said the search lights had previously been used in November but the cloudy sky had masked the beams. Vice principal Desna McAll said: "We are delighted that so many visitors from all over the galaxy were attracted to our recent open day."<

Sprites-Schreck noch nicht ganz durch...

Warnung: Die Hochatmosphären-Blitze als UFO-Erklärung sind noch nicht durch! Nun berichtete am Abend unserer Zeit ´NewsroomAmerica.com´ ( http://www.newsroomamerica.com/worl... ) als ´Weltstory´ davon: "´Sprites´ May Explain Some UFO Sighting"... Dies ist eine mehr als nur unterschwellig herum vagabundierende Story. Da könnte also noch ein ´dickes Ende´ nachkommen.

UFOs, Lies And Videotapes

Eine sicherlich bemerkenswerte und in ufologischen Kreisen sehr gehasste UFO-Dokumentation in Sachen "UFOs Under Investigation" und zwar wegen den ´Fliegenden Untertassen´- und Alien-Lügen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuQ5... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ddg... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEk5... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_som... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoQx... . Eine der mutigsten UFO-Aufklärungs- und Demystifizierungs-Produktionen. Vor allen Dingen ohne große verkomplizierenden Anstrengungen durch die Verantwortlichen umgesetzt. Es ist schon erstaunlich, wie künstlich kompliziert Pro-UFO-Sendungen als rüberkommen, wo sich ganze Redaktionsstäbe das Gehirn verbiegen, um ´Akte X´ spielen zu wollen. Inzwischen glaube ich, dass es schwieriger ist, sich als ganzes professionelles und journalistisch-verstehendes Fernseh-Produktionsteam so dumm anzustellen, um eine UFO-Show abzuliefern, als mit dem Thema ehrlich und naturgemäß-sachgerecht kritisch umzugehen. Die UFO-Loser-Show mit Uri Geller, Nina Hagen und Erich von Däniken sei nur mal in Erinnerung gerufen, war ja vor kurzer Zeit über den Pro7-Sender gegangen. Dabei wollen wir den ´Welt der Wunder´-Beitrag vom Mai 2007 bei RTL II nicht vergessen, siehe: http://cenap.alien.de/cenapnews/zei... .

Zum Ende des Showtages...

Der Burner des DSDS-Abends... Na alla, da hilft nur noch - ganz klar - der ´Blues Brother´ HG (Holger Göpfert) aus DSDS - http://www.clipfish.de/special/dsds... http://www.clipfish.de/special/dsds... http://www.clipfish.de/special/dsds... ! Ein authentischer Typ, der auch noch was kann! Holger rockte das Haus...

Und dann noch ein Flyover-Betthupferl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZssM... .

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