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UFO-Feiertag in der Brit-Press und für die Welt! Ein Fall für Mulder & Scully!

Der Sensationsgier gehuldigt - Ganz doof: Mechanischer Windradschaden und gleich UFOs (aka nicht-erkannte Himmelslaternen) dafür verantwortlich gemacht...

Donnerstag, der 8.Januar 2009 - wieder so ein Tag, wo sich nur einer pudelwohl fühlen wird, den wir alle kennen: Eisbär Knut. Und es würde der englische Tag werden.

UFOs über Amerika...

...und weiter mit der New Jersey-Story bei den Fox-TV-News: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE4T... / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuPJ... .

UFO über Belgien...

...wieder einmal nur die Venus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFXS... .

UFOs über England ... Die SUN fühle sich auch pudelwohl...

´Latest sightings in UFO-hotspot Whitby´ war die Headline in der ´Whitby Gazette´ ( http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news... ) hierzu:

>Whitby could be turning into a UFO hotspot with yet more reports flooding into the Gazette offices of mysterious lights in the sky. The phenomenon has also been spotted in other parts of the country and even hit the front page of a national newspaper yesterday when a UFO was believed to have hit a 300ft wind turbine tearing off its giant 65ft blades, baffling power chiefs. Holidaymaker who spent his new year break in Whitby has told of his surprise at seeing a ball of flames in the sky near the abbey on New Year´s Day evening. Graeme Edwards (38) from Allendale in Northumbria was walking across Whitby´s swing bridge with his dad, Alan. At first they thought it was a hot air balloon but it was moving too fast. They spotted a round ball of bright orange flames at about 7.45pm as they were walking across the swing bridge to the east side of Whitby. He said: "It was something like a ball of fire in the sky from the bridge looking towards the abbey above the hill looking east. It was travelling south relatively slowly - too quick for a hot air balloon firing its burners as there was no wind in the sky but it could have been a plane with an engine on fire, or so I thought. My father thought he saw four lights but to me it just looked like a fireball. I also thought it could have been a comet or something burning through the atmosphere. It was difficult to get perspective on it to see how big or close it was as it was pitch black. Other people stood and watched too."

And Joanne Rowe (27) of Elgin Street, in Whitby, also spotted a ball of light as she was walking her dog near Airy Hill School at around 5.10pm on New Year´s Day. She said there was just one light travelling really really fast before stopping and slowly fading away. "It looked like some kind of rocket," she said. "It definitely wasn´t an aeroplane." Other mysterious lights have been spotted on Christmas Day too by a couple in Hinderwell. Jill Standell (54) and her husband Robert of High Street said they both saw the lights hovering over Roxby and Boulby Mine at around 6pm. Jill had been on her way home in her car when she spotted the lights. She said: "They were going and going. Sometimes there were five. Then there were another two or three, then there would be eight or nine. By the time I arrived in High Street they were still in the sky. I was really gobsmacked. I didn´t want to take my eyes off them in case they disappeared." Her husband Bob, a builder, added: "They looked like they were some sort of candle-powered lantern or hot air balloon. The orange flame glowed really bright like an orb." {!!!}

Last week the Gazette reported how Harry Ramsay (69) and his wife Carole (64) of Whitby´s Laburnum Grove spotted five red balls of light in the sky towards Sandsend at around 6.30pm on the previous Monday. And on 2 January we reported another mystery of lights over Runswick Bay which were unwittingly captured on camera by a teenager and only just discovered following his holiday in August.

+ Did you see the strange lights in the sky? Call our newsdesk on (01947) 829911.<

´North Essex: Lights in the sky´ hieß es bei der ´Gazette´ aus Colchester und North Essex ( http://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/... ) hierzu:

>Two unexplained objects have been spotted in the skies over north Essex. As Lorraine Davis and her partner Terry Moore got ready to see in the new year, they witnessed a number of unusual lights in the sky above their home in Newcastle Avenue, Colchester. Miss Davis, mum to six-month-old Sophie, said: "It was about 11.50pm and we were in our kitchen when we saw a light in the sky. We went out on to the patio and saw two bright yellow lights, some distance apart. Then another one came out and then a fourth but as that came the first one disappeared. Then there was a fifth one and then three came out all at once and they formed a sort of triangle shape. They all joined up and then there was one bright orangey light." The couple, who said the lights then just disappeared within seconds of it turning midnight, managed to grab a camcorder and snatch some footage of the UFOs which they have shown to family {Video auf dem genannten Link zu sehen - Typ: auseinanderziehendes ´Fliegendes Dreieck´}.

And on New Year´s Day, John and Maureen Smith, of East Street, Colchester, said they spotted a large orange-red object in the sky above Jaywick which disappeared into thin air. The couple had been walking their two dogs on Jaywick beach at dusk when they saw the lights in the sky. Mr Smith, 68, said: "It was very low and circular, probably about ten times the size of what you would imagine a plane light to be, and it was a very strange colour, reddish orange. We did not hear a noise, so we do not think it was an aircraft." The pair said they would be interested to hear if anyone had also spotted the light or knew what it was.<

´Stargazers share their UFO tales´ berichtete der ´Slough & Windsor Observer´ ( http://www.sloughobserver.co.uk/art... ):

>Bright orange orbs illuminating the night sky have left residents in Windsor wondering if there really is life beyond the sky. The Observer newsroom has been inundated with calls of UFO sightings since stargazers in Dedworth shared their tales of the floating phenomenon. Mixed responses have been received from callers with some sharing stories of their close encounters while others are convinced there must be a more rationale explanation.

For a UFO update see tomorrow´s (Friday) Slough Observer.<

´Mystery surrounds lights in the sky over Littlehampton´ meldete die ´Littlehampton Gazette´ ( http://www.littlehamptongazette.co.... ) und führte aus:

>Strange things have been spotted in the skies over Littlehampton, prompting extra-terrestrial questions. There have been at least two sightings of unexplained flying objects, if not UFOs, in the last two weeks. Nineteen-year-old student Fraser Moyles saw a strange orange light last Tuesday, and Worthing-based Andrew Alexander saw two of the objects on Saturday (January 3). Fraser said: "I was driving along the seafront towards the East Beach Cafe with my dad, at about 5.45pm, and this orange light came up from the ground in the distance." Assuming it was a firework, they watched it raise, in a vertical line, but it did not explode. "It changed direction, and, in a horizontal line, headed out to sea. We pulled over, and I got out of the car to see if it was making any noise, but it wasn´t. It travelled out to sea until I couldn´t see it any more."

On Saturday, Andrew was visiting friends in Gloucester Road, when they spotted two objects, at about 9.20pm. "We saw two orange lights which seemed to flicker and pulsate, gliding silently over the house then over the river south-westerly. The sky was very clear, the moon was a quarter crescent. At first I thought it was some sort of balloon or kite with lights on it, but then the lights moved apart, then one headed south and the other headed west! They eventually faded out of view." He added that the objects were mostly likely Chinese lanterns {!}, let off to celebrate the new year. "However, what puzzled me and my friends is that they flew off in different directions." Harbour master Colin Hitchcock confirmed that no flares were released on either night, and that no aerial displays had taken place.

Could this be a case for Moulder and Scully?<

Und da sind die ´Akte X´-Agenten auch schon - http://www.myvideo.de/watch/91979/A... -, weil es für sie so viel zu tun gibt (obwohl eigentlich viel eher der ´Terminator´ zu rufen wäre, der da mal einige Zeitungs-Redaktionen besuchen sollte, um da durchzupusten):

"´UFO´ MYSTERY CONTINUES AS SEVERAL READERS SEE SAME LIGHT" machte zunächst einmal der ´Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald´ ( http://www.ardrossanherald.com/arti... ) auf und berichtete:

>Readers from as far afield as Canada have contacted us this week after they spotted the same orange light which was sighted over the skies of Saltcoats on Tuesday, December 23. One amateur astronomer from Inverness believes he saw the same light on the same night and can´t find any reasonable explanation {typische Erfahrung auch in Deutschland}. Andy Ferguson explained: "My wife was visiting her family in Kilwinning and her dad had given her the Herald. When I read the story about the UFO sighting I was surprised as I also saw the orange light in the sky over Inverness. Like your reader said, it was a bright orange light, which in my case travelled slowly northwards before disappearing. It was around midnight when I saw it and, from my viewpoint, crossed about 45 degrees of sky before disappearing. As I am an amateur astronomer I am normally somewhat circumspect about UFO sightings but on this occasion I can find no logical explanation. It was not a flare as there was no evidence of smoke trails. I have also ruled out fireworks because of the long persistence of the object and it was not a fireball because of its altitude. I am still a cynic but it is rather strange that two unexplained orange lights should be spotted on the same night but almost 200 miles, and four or five hours, a part."

One reader from St Helens in Merseyside also believes he saw the same light but on Boxing Day. The 44-year-old told the Herald: "My family and I were on-route to my sister-in-laws when a reddish/orange orb suddenly appeared. It started to pulsate from red to orange to violet and then to white. It was in the west and was about as bright as Venus when it was in white. We stood there in amazement for about three minutes and watched it get higher and higher before it dimmed and suddenly blinked out. I have seen many UFO sightings in my life so I am sure this is what I saw and it definitely sounds like the same thing your reader spotted on December 23."

And news of the UFO sighting has travelled as far as Canada, as a UFO researcher from Vancouver contacted us this week with his thoughts. "I have noticed that there have been two reports on Tuesday, December 23 from the UK that seem to describe similar crafts," Harold Berndt explained. "The other location was in Dumfries and sounds like it was the same orange balls either glowing or on fire. However, it doesn´t stop there. The same phenomenon, the same craft was seen on different continents on the other side of the planet, and they were all within minutes of each other. I am a member of Dr Steven Greer´s Disclosure Project {!!!} and I take part in field work and expeditions with Dr. Greer. We believe that these sightings are UFOs and we are continuing to look into all these reports."

But the most bizarre report {?} we have had is from a couple who live in Manchester. They had been visiting relatives in West Kilbride when they saw the orange light and contacted the Herald to tell us their story. Michael McKenna and Ruth Holt explained: "We were visiting my mum and dad in West Kilbride when we saw the light. It was between 12.30am and 12.50am when we saw the orange ball which was fiery with a ring of red light round it. It seemed to be aware of the fog bank that was there as it rose up from out of it and continued to follow it. However, that isn´t the strange thing. The twist in the story is that when we went home to Manchester on January 3 we were told that the exact same object was spotted in Lancashire. And we hadn´t told anyone about the light we saw. Once you have ruled out helicopters, planes and fireworks the only explanation is a UFO {oder besser und richtiger Skylanterns, die erst gar nicht wegen reiner Unkenntnis in Erwähnung gezogen werden}."<

Heijeijei, da läuft aber alles querbeet durcheinander - und nahe der Hysterie, die der Feind aller Vernunft und des gesunden Menschenverstandes ist. Genau das richtige und selbstherangezüchtete Klima, um die nachfolgende Geschichte so richtig aufgedreht in Umlauf zu bringen und den eisig-kalten Tagen etwas Wärme zu geben...

´UFO hits wind turbine´ hieß es heute bei der SUN ( http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepag... ) und sie trat damit das Thema in der Medienlandschaft frei:

>A wind turbine stood wrecked yesterday with one of its giant 65ft blades torn off - after it was hit by a UFO. Locals were woken by the 4am {! - der der Früh} smash after strange lights were spotted streaking towards the 290ft-tall generator on a wind farm. Baffled power chiefs said of the smash in Conisholme, Lincs: "We have a team investigating." There was no trace of the missing blade. A UFO expert said: "We are very excited." A woman motorist told how she saw a UFO zoom towards the wind farm and strike the 290ft turbine. Dorothy Willows - who lives half a mile from the scene of the hit-and-run - was in her car when "strange lights" loomed in the evening sky {am Abend}. She was among dozens who spotted the mysterious flashing orangey-yellow spheres over Lincolnshire {und wie überall die selben Himmelslaternen unterwegs waren} - where the turbine was left wrecked. Dorothy, of Louth, said: "The lights were moving across the sky towards the wind farm. Then I saw a low flying object. It was skimming across the sky towards the turbines." Hours later there was an almighty smash {!- also kein direkter Zusammenhang, in vielen Städten werden Himmelslaternen als ´seltsame Lichter´ durch die Himmel geflogen sein und bald darauf wird irgendwo darunter was passiert sein, ohne das es einen kausalen zwingend Zusammenhang gibt, dies ist jetzt hier extrem medientechnisch konstruiert, um was Tolles schreiben zu können} .

Dorothy said: "My husband Stephen was woken at 4am by the bang." Afterwards there was no trace of one of the turbine´s three huge 65ft blades - ripped off in the collision. Another was left twisted and useless. Other locals told how the lights looked like balls of flames {! - hmm, wie sehen Himmelslaternen nochmals aus?}. Lesley Whittingham, 71, even managed to photograph it - and said: "It looked like a giant explosion in the air." John Harrison, another witness, described how he looked out of his landing window and saw a "massive ball of light with tentacles going right down to the ground" over the wind farm. He said: "It was huge. With the tentacles it looked just like an octopus." {Sagt aber nur er, und warum sagt er dies eigentlich - und dies die vollständige ´Aussage´?} The object that struck the turbine at Conisholme near Louth on Sunday dodged others surrounding it - and last night experts had no explanation for what it was. There were NO reports of any aircraft collisions. Council health and safety officials said even the strongest gale was unlikely to be responsible. The damage was described by the Health and Safety Executive as a "unique incident" {weil solche Vorfälle bisher kaum vorkamen}. Wind farm company Ecotricity admitted: "We don´t know what caused the problem. We are investigating."

UFO expert Russ Kellett, of Flying Saucer Review {aha, den Bock ausgesucht zum Gärtner gemacht}, told how dozens of reports of mystery objects poured in before the crash. He said: "Balls of light were seen in the sky and the MoD has no explanation. We are very, very excited about this." Last night the incident was the talk of the internet. It was dubbed the "Octopus UFO" because of the tentacles and how the lights appeared joined in formation. The MoD said of the latest scare: "Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting."

MyView, By Nick Pope - UFO expert (als Heizer des eigenen Ofens!}

"THIS could be one of the most significant UFO incidents for years. If something collided with the wind turbine - as seems certain - there may be residue on the damaged parts that could help solve this mystery. In the last few months there have been two near-collisions between UFOs and police helicopters - and now this. There´s a public safety issue here, whatever you believe about UFOs. The Ministry of Defence´s standard line on UFOs isn´t good enough. The MoD and the Civil Aviation Authority need to investigate as a matter of urgency."<

Und schon war die SUN wieder auf ihrer Boulevard-Spur zurück, um den üblichen UFO-Jahres-Auftakt (jetzt für 2009) einzuläuten. Obwohl: Die ´UFO-Sichtungen´ - am Abend zuvor - der in letzter Zeit üblichen Art, UNABHÄNGIG vom technischen Schaden am Morgen danach stattfanden. Und schon hatte die Brit-Press ein schönes UFO-´Akte X´-Thema, genau so, wie sie es liebt, um der Skylaternen-Erklärungs-Problematik zu entfliehen (davon ABZULENKEN) und weitere Fantasien zu nähren, wunderbar - das sind ja weitere UFO-Stories zu erwarten. Die SUN zeigte sich als Taktgeber mit dieser Geschichte und schnell wurde sie zum medialen Durchbruch geführt. Schlagzeilen wie diese ´Tentacles of light reached to ground´ im ´Grimsby Telegraph´ ( http://www.thisisgrimsby.co.uk/news... ) kamen auf, aber dieser berichtete dann etwas in Sachen Abkühlung:

>UFOs spotted - but odd sightings not blamed for turbine damage

Despite strange lights in the sky, experts are looking for more down-to-earth explanations to a broken wind turbine. The 65-metre turbine is one of 20 based at Fen Farm, Conisholme, which were built in 2005. It was found damaged, on Sunday {!}, with one propeller blade broken off and another blade badly bent. Although there were three sightings of UFOs nearby on Saturday night {!}, nobody is connecting them to the incident {!}.

The first odd sighting took place, at 6pm. Stephen Willows, from Fen Lane, was driving to a party with his wife when they spotted a light in the sky: "My wife and myself were travelling to Louth, on a road close to the field, when we saw a light quite low in the sky. I saw a bright flash in front of the car. It was travelling at quite a pace and went towards the turbines. We didn´t stop to see if there was a crash or anything." Wife Dorothy said: "It was not a ´spaceship´ or anything like that, although if you see an object that´s flying, and you don´t know what it is, then I guess you call it a UFO. It was lower than an aeroplane." Stephen said he heard a noise in the early hours of the morning, which he now presumes to be the wind turbine breaking.

John Harrison (68), from Saltfleetby, said he saw something more spectacular in the sky on Saturday night. The retired farmer said: "Whatever it was, I don´t think it is what caused the damage to the turbine {!!! - was sich schon anders anhört als die SUN-Konstruktion}. What I saw was over the turbines, somewhere between 10pm and 11pm. It was a light in the sky, with tentacles of light reaching down to the ground. It was pure white, and too bright to be the moon, which was entering its first quarter. It was there for at least 15 minutes."

Local parapsychologist Robin Furman said he thought the problems affecting the turbines were more likely to be mechanical - unless evidence was found to the contrary. Could mechanical failure have been responsible for the destruction of the turbine, as shown in this video posted on YouTube. He added that only access to the site could prove otherwise. He added: "What these people say they have seen sounds a lot like ball lightning - also called St Elmo´s Fire - rather than something from another world. The thing with UFOs is there is enough to keep the believers believing, and not enough to convince the non-believers."

Readers have also suggested bird migration. The firm which owns the wind farm, Ecotricity, also discounted alien craft. A spokesman said: "We are conducting a thorough investigation, and we cannot make any conjecture as to the cause until we have the results. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened to one of our turbines, so we have no basis for comparison. We are taking it very seriously."<

Die Zeitung nahe dem Ort des Geschehens ist der inzwischen durch seine UFO-Geschichten (nicht-erkannte Himmelslaternen) der letzten Wochen ist der ´Louth Leader´ ( http://www.louthleader.co.uk/news/U... ) und auch der meldete sich zu Worte:

>Nick Pope on tentacle turbine UFO - a secret Russian connection?

Louth has become a hotspot for UFO activity according to the UK´s leading expert on the subject. On Tuesday the Leader broke the story about speculation the destruction of a local wind turbine was caused by UFOs. Since then the story has gone global - leading to a number of theories on what could have caused the damage. We spoke to Nick Pope, who worked on the Ministry of Defence´s ´UFO desk´ in the 1990s. Now a renowned author and TV personality on the subject, Mr Pope told us: "This case was particularly exciting as we usually just get eyewitness reports or a few grainy images of lights in the sky, but here we can physically see the effects, which gives us a tremendous opportunity to do forensic analysis of the turbine blades." With analysis of the blades, Mr Pope suggested the Conisholme case could have the potential to finally provide answers to the worldwide UFO mystery.

A spokesperson for Ecotricity, which runs the wind farm at Conisholme, Louth said the wind turbines have equipment which registers things like unusual vibrations that can be examined as part of their investigation into what happened. Today they have confirmed that the ´missing´ blade has been found on the ground at the site. Mr Pope said: "This of course, raises another question - are the right people doing the investigation into this? I think the police should be involved and cordon off the site and launch a detailed search and sweep of the area. They could bring in metal detectors to search for debris from the blades. Best-selling UFO author Timothy Good told us he believes there may be an element of hostility involved: "I am aware of many disturbing cases involving harassment of terrestrial aircraft by UFOs - and this damage to the wind turbine does seem purposeful."

The Conisholme case is one of several UFO stories broken by the Leader in the last six months. In August last year we received numerous reports from local residents who claimed to have seen strange orange lights over the area. Then in October we were visited by a man called Eric Goring from Brinkhill who said he has been witnessing triangular alien craft regularly near his home. Only just last month, we reported on a mysterious explosion and aircraft activity seen over the skies of Mablethorpe. Nick Pope said: "Looking at the geography of the Louth area, taking in the coast, it is always possible some people could be seeing secret Russian reconnaissance aircraft, perhaps even unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Russians could have a new secret craft which they are using to probe at our defences so I think we should be looking into this, and the MOD should be involved."

On Louth becoming a hotspot for UFO activity, Mr Pope explained: "Areas of the country can suddenly become hotspots although there is no logical reason for this. Often it is because people don´t report what they have seen for fear of ridicule and disbelief, but once somebody gets the ball rolling and the media pick up on it, this makes other people less afraid to come forward." He added: "My view is something big must have hit the wind turbine to cause that damage and it appears in this case that the UFO witnesses are very respectable, and clearly not people who are making this up."

+ Did you see the tentacle UFO? contact [email protected]<

Heijeijei. Obwohl Pope schon einmal den Wiersgalla-Preis symbolisch bekam, jetzt hat er ihn sich nochmals verdient: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHT1... ! Keine Frage. Von dem kommt ja nur noch Loch Ness-Schlamm auf!

Ein mechanischer-´technischer´ Maschinen-Schaden am Windrad wird nicht-erkannten Himmelslaternen aka UFOs fälschlich zugesprochen, und eine Riesenstory kommt auf - welche natürlich edelstes Öl ins britische UFO-Feuer (ein eigener Stimulus also, ja die Medien selbst sind ein Stimulus für verrückte UFO-Geschichten - und dies ist kein unschuldiger Zufall wie wir anhand des britischen Beispiels sehen können, auch ein Fall des psychokulturellen Einflusses auf den UFO-Mythos aus geschäftlichen Interessen) kippt und die dortige Welle ungebremst - so wie sie läuft - weiterlaufen wird:

Danach waren für uns Headlines wie "UFO Destroys Wind Turbine", "UFO blamed for wrecking wind turbine after 65ft-long blade vanishes" nicht mehr so prickelnd, obwohl sie massenhaft in Umlauf kamen, um der SUN nachzurennen. Kein Wunder, hatte doch die ´Press Association´ ( http://www.google.com/hostednews/uk... ) den Werbetrommler für die SUN gespielt und die Agenturmeldung "´Strange lights´ damage turbine" ausgesetzt, worauf dann alle im ´Akte X´-Fieber abfuhren - und die UFO-Boulevard-Story aus dem ´Kessel Buntes´ um die Welt ging. Es sei nur noch einmal an die unbequeme Ananova-Meldung erinnert, die schnell in Versenkung verschwand, weil dadurch Seifenblasen-Stories platzen. Spätestens jetzt merkt doch jeder was läuft, sobald er die Übersicht hat - durch den CENAP-UFO-Newsticker geboten! Die Brit-Press war damit sauber und fein aus dem Schneider raus - und kann ungestört ihre UFO-Geschichten rund um angeblich nicht-erkannte Himmelslaternen weiter verbreiten und dem UFO-Hauch fröhnen. Perfektes UFOtainment mit eigenem UFO-Viagra-Selbsterregungsfaktor als Dauer-Doping.

Sofort griffen sich ITV ( http://www.itv.com/News/Articles/Al... /einen TV-Beitrag dazu finden Sie hier mit einem der gefilmten UFO-Objekte {huch, was es wohl ist - ach es ist alles so amazing strange?!}: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYYj... /einen ITN-TV-Beitrag ist hier von Ihnen zu sehen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQY-... ), Sky-News (´Turbine Damaged By UFO´ - http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK... - der TV-Beitrag ist unter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9mv... zu sehen), BBC-News ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/... - ´UFO claim over wind farm damage/UFO researchers are claiming damage to a Lincolnshire wind farm turbine was caused by a mystery aircraft´), ´The Surrey Herald´ (´Strange lights´ as turbine damaged), der ´Sydney Morning Herald´ (´Flying object damages UK wind turbine´, http://news.smh.com.au/world/flying... ), die deutschen ´ShortNews.com´ (Bright Lights and a Damaged Wind turbine... Could this be a UFO?) etc pp die moderne Abenteuergeschichte und hatten ihren Feiertag.

Diese Story war praktisch in der ganzen englischen Presse vertreten, wie auch hier beim Channel 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-aZ... - wo UFO-Fotografin Lesley Whittingham ins Spiel kommt, die eines der Lichter fotografierte, wie hier behauptet wird. Hmm, aber ihr Tageslicht-Bild (!) zeigt nur eine langgezogene Wolke mit einem Nebensonneneffekt! Genau wie im US-Fall von Stephenville vor genau einem Jahr läuft hier mächtig eines unverbunden durcheinander und verkompliziert für den normalen Menschen alles! Die Medien zerren da einfach jeden vor die Kamera, der irgendetwas zu erzählen und zu zeigen hat, einfach weil Bilder gebraucht werden und alles ist dafür ´gut´. Obs passt ist doch egal. Und genau dadurch kommt es zu Irritationen - und komische Ideen bei den oberflächlich sich damit beschäftigenden Leuten. So kommen krumme Elemente in UFO-Geschichten rein, im UFO-Fieber einer Redaktion geht auch bei Zeitungen und Zeitschriften einiges durch, was normaler Weise keine Chance hätte. Auch hierzulande werden dann alle Augen zugedrückt. Inbesondere bei Bildmaterial als Eye Catcher, was jede Zeitung dringend braucht. Weil man ganz gut auf den Punkt setzen kann, dass das intensivere Nachdenken beim normalen Publikum mit einem ´Nein, Danke!´ behandelt wird. Nur wir Sachverständigen müssen uns damit abquälen, aber auch da gibt es je nach Glaubens- und Informationsgrad unterschiedliche Ergebnisse. So gibt es bekanntlich selbst in der UFO-Szene eine ´Zweite Front´.

Klar, wer die kurze UFO-Historie Englands der letzten zwei Jahre kennt - alles auf dem CENAP-Newsticker vertreten -, kann dies alles leicht durchschauen. Die technische Versager mit dem Windrad passte da nur rein, um als Sensations-Story-´Sündenbock´ zu dienen. Genauso wie einst bei der Cardiff-Story, wo eine Polizeihubschrauber-Crew halt eben ´UFOs´ sah, nur weil Wunschlaternen bei einer Hochzeitsfeier hochgingen und ihr in die ´Quere´ kam. Zufallsereignisse werden dann zusammengequetscht und in direkten Mystery-Zusammenhang gebracht, also konstruierte Geschichten entstehen so. Ist aber im UFO-Sektor auch nicht wirklich neu. Im aktuellen Fall haben wir nur die neueste Ausprägung davon vor uns. Für die UFO-geilen englischen Medien ein gefundendes Fressen, besser als bunter Kuchen und der Scotch im Nachmittagstee. Es dreht sich alles im Kreis. Und dies wegen ganz simplen Sache, die nur von Leuten ohne Ahnung - keine Spezialisten - verkompliziert werden und als missratener Beipack die Mär unnötig (wenn nicht gar mit Absicht wegen dem ´lustigen´ Thema, was immer gut für Stories ist - so sehen es viele Journalisten und peilen das Thema genauso wie Horoskope ein {und UFOlogen beschäftigen sich oftmals nur mit dem Thema um sich spannende Unterhaltung damit zu verdingen, wobei sie ganz ernsthaft pseudomäßig tun}) fördern. UFO-Phänomen-Erforscher sind dabei die angeschmierten. Mystery-Sucher dagegen ziehen aus dem Sud ihre Nährstoffe für ihre Begierden und werden gleichsam seine Opfer - ohne es so sehen zu wollen. Und wenn man es ihnen sagt, werden sie böse und verweigern sich der Erkenntnis, obwohl sie vorgeben nach Erkenntnissen zu suchen. Aber sie wollen nur ihre SF-Träume verwirklicht sehen.

Fast reihum kann hier bequem der Wiersgalla-Preis mit Hosenband-Orden als Massenauszeichnung verliehen werden: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHT1... !

Dann kümmerte sich auch CNN ( http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/e... ) um die Story:

>´UFO strike´ has UK in a lather over E.T.

London, England (CNN) -- Strange lights in the sky, mysterious flashes, dozens of witnesses, a missing wind turbine blade and a tabloid splash featuring the pun: E.T. farm harm. The Sun tabloid newspaper´s UFO splash. Let´s hope there isn´t intelligent life out there watching us. Britain´s tabloid Sun newspaper Thursday proclaimed from its front page that a wind turbine was ruined after a UFO hit one of its 20 meter-long blades in Conisholme, Lincolnshire.

Dorothy Willows, who lives near the damaged turbine, told The Sun she was in her car when she saw strange lights in the sky. "The lights were moving across the sky towards the wind farm. Then I saw a low flying object. It was skimming across the sky towards the turbines." Apparently, hours later, she and her husband were woken by a big bang; one of the turbine´s three blades had gone. It, was, however, on the ground below. Other locals told the newspaper that the lights looked like "balls of flames." Russ Kellett, a UFO expert, told the newspaper: "Balls of light were seen in the sky and the MoD [Ministry of Defence] has no explanation. It must have taken a pretty massive object. We are very, very, very excited."

However, The Guardian newspaper´s Web site content director Emily Bell had a simple explanation for all those "balls of light" in the sky. She told The Guardian the lights were fireworks {???} her brother Tim had bought at the local garden center for the 80th birthday party of dad Peter Bell. "It was a medium-sized fireworks display with absolutely no ballistics, and the fireworks were mostly dropping over my parents´ house. But we were laughing that we could have broken the wind turbine," Emily said. "There we are in the middle of a scoop and we´re beaten to it by a red-top tabloid," Emily´s mother Bridget, 74, told The Guardian. Later Thursday, the British Press Association reported the blade may have come off after a mechanical failure.

Fraser McLachlan, chief executive of GCube, which insures more than 25,000 wind turbines worldwide, told PA that although it was unusual, this kind of incident happened up to six times a year (so that´s six different UFO´s or the same one?). "It does happen that a blade will sometimes just come off a machine for one reason or another," he said. "The main reason is the blade may shear. "We don´t normally see things like aircraft -- or UFOs -- hitting them. It´s usually a mechanical failure that causes the blade to separate from the main hub." He said the cold weather was another possible cause. Dr Peter Schubel, an expert in the design and manufacture of wind turbine blades at the University of Nottingham, agreed. He told the BBC that if the turbine blade was still, it would take a 10-tonne load to remove a blade, but if it was rotating the force could be a lot less. "It´s definitely not a bird. It could be ice thrown from a neighbouring turbine that struck it."

Aliens out of control or simple mechanical failure? A case for Mulder and Scully? What do you think?<

Doch auch für die deutschen Medien war die Geschichte scharf, dpa griff mit einer Meldung vom Londoner Büro zu, wie ich gegen 17 h bemerkte und fast vom Sessel fiel, weil etliche deutsche Medien diese Geschichte genauso begierig aufgegriffen haben. Nehmen wir die ´Münstländische Volkszeitung´ ( http://www.mv-online.de/aktuelles/a... ):

>Ufo-Spekulationen über beschädigtes Windrad

London - Ein auf mysteriöse Weise beschädigtes Windrad hat in Großbritannien Spekulationen über Ufos ausgelöst {! - falsch, die gab es massenhaft vorher schon}. Ein Turbinen-Flügel einer Windkraft-Anlage in Lincolnshire war abhandengekommen. Er wurde später nahe der Turbine gefunden, ein zweiter Flügel wurde stark verbogen. Augenzeugen berichteten nach Angaben der Zeitung "The Sun", leuchtende fliegende Objekte in der Nähe gesichtet zu haben. Ein Landwirt berichtete, er habe ein helles weißes Licht mit orangefarbener Umrandung gesehen, als er in der Nähe des Windrads entlang gefahren sei. Auch andere Anwohner wollen am vergangenen Sonntag seltsame Lichter gesehen haben. "Die Lichter bewegten sich am Himmel Richtung Windrad. Dann habe ich ein tief fliegendes Objekt gesehen", sagte eine Anwohnerin der "Sun".

Der Betreiber des Parks, Ecotricity, wollte einen "Ufo-Schaden" nicht ausschließen: "So lange wir keine plausible Erklärung dafür haben, dass es kein Ufo war, sollten wir es nicht ausschließen." Versicherungsexperten vermuten jedoch ein mechanisches Problem. Auch das kalte Wetter halten sie für einen Grund. Das Verteidigungsministerium wollte den Vorfall nicht näher untersuchen. "Solange es keine Beweise für eine mögliche Bedrohung gibt, untersuchen wir nicht jede Sichtung", sagte ein Sprecher.<

Der ´Tagesanzeiger´ ( http://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/wissen/... ) schrieb dies auf, um ebenfalls die Schweiz aus dem europäischen Kältegriff zu nehmen - machen wir uns nicht vor, auch z.B. die ´Krone´ ( http://www.krone.at/krone/S2/object... ) in Österreich griff sich die Nummer. Bleiben wir aber bei der Meldung aus der Schweiz:

>UFO-Alarm in Grossbritannien

Nachdem ein Windrad in der Grafschaft Lincolnshire beschädigt wurde, berichten Zeitungen von seltsamen Lichtern am Himmel - unter Berufung auf angebliche Augenzeugen. Von Ausserirdischen beschädigt? Ein beschädigtes Windrad bringt Ufologen in Wallung. Mit der ländlichen Ruhe ist es auf der Windradfarm nahe Conisholme vorbei. An einer der 20 Turbinen fehlt ein Flügel; ein anderer ist seltsam verbogen - logisch: UFOs waren am Werk, wie die Boulevardzeitung "The Sun" ermittelt hat. Gleich dutzende Menschen haben demnach orange-gelbe "Sphären" gesichtet. "Die Lichter bewegten sich am Himmel in Richtung der Windfarm", zitierte das Blatt die Anwohnerin Dorothy Willows, "dann sah ich ein tief fliegendes Objekt. Es bewegte sich in Richtung der Turbinen."

Schrecklich - und nur gut, dass die Verantwortlichen die Ruhe bewahren. Eine Sprecherin des Windparkbetreibers Ecotricity teilte auf Anfrage lediglich mit, dass der Vorfall von einem Ingenieur untersucht werde. Das britische Verteidigungsministerium liess sich nicht einmal dazu herab: Man untersuche ausschliesslich Berichte, wenn es um eine mögliche Bedrohung gehe, erklärte ein Sprecher gegenüber der angesehenen Zeitung "Times"; man gehe nicht jeder Sichtung nach. Während der britische Ufologe Nick Pope gegenüber der "Times" dennoch energisch eine dringende staatliche Untersuchung des Vorfalls forderte, fiel Bloggern bereits eine simplere Lösung ein. Vielleicht brach ja einfach ein Flügel durch Materialermüdung ab und beschädigte den anderen, als er hinunterfiel, so schrieb ein Leser der "Times". "Aber wie dumm von mir, das ist natürlich lächerlich", setzte er in landestypischer Manier hinzu, "die einzig rationale Erklärung ist natürlich, dass es UFOs waren. Sorry, ich weiss nicht, was über mich kam."<

Nachdem ich dies erfasst hatte, gab ich quasi am frühen Abend die PM "´Akte X´-UFO-Fieber in England: Wilde Spekulationen um beschädiges Windrad - UFO-Forscher in Deutschland: ´Jetzt drehen die Briten durch!´" an die deutschsprachigen Nachrichtenagenturen - inklusive natürlich dpa - aus. Die damit auch in einer Bewährungsprobe stand.

BBC World: Kurz vor 20:30 h sah ich dort einen Beitrag zu dem Fall - und hierbei wurden Bob Harrop und seine Frau an Ort interviewt die a) am Samstagabend die UFOs nicht nur gesehen, sondern auch eines davon GEFILMT haben (wie viele Himmelslaternen-Filme kennen Sie nicht schon durch unsere Links - keine Differenz dazu und Bob Harrop sagte auch noch, dass die Objekte wie "hot air balloons" aussahen!) sowie b) auch den Knall in der Sonntagfrüh hörten, als der eine Windradflügel sich verselbstständigte! Ein Killerbeitrag der unabhängigen Art jenseits unserer Ausführungen - auf genau diesen Spuren...

Zum befreiten Durchatmen braucht man da schon einige ehrliche Flyovers der richtigen Art fürs Betthupferl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd10... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMtn... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAUf... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o3S... . Unser Historien-Beitrag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA3z... .

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