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Irland: Einer der besten UFO-Filme stammt ... aus den ´Hoax Files´!

14.Oktober 2008: Die ´Galaktische Förderation´ kommt uns immer näher...

Mittwoch, der 8.Oktober 2008. Es gibt heute leider nicht allzuviel zu berichten, deswegen widmen wir uns gleich der uns nächste Woche erwartenden Kontaktaufnahme durch die ´Galaktische Förderung´ (siehe http://cenap.alien.de/cenapnews/zei... ) nach überirdischen Eingabe der australischen Schauspielerin Blossom Goodchild aka Channel-Medium ´Diane´ mit ersten Beweis-Videos hierzu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2v9... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qyk1... . Viel realistischer erscheint mir ein kurzes Video vom Sudan-Großmeteor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPWq... .

Aus den Gehardt-Files...

"Erfurt: Eigentlich beschäftige ich mich nicht mit UFO´s etc. Jedoch am 07.10.2008 gegen 22:00 Uhr beobachte ich folgendes Phänomen. Ein orange leuchtender Punkt, von einer Art Dreieck umgeben bewegte sich in Erfurt von Süd nach Nord. Die Geschwindigkeit war zwar nicht sehr schnell, allerdings die Flugzeuge am Himmel, welche parallel zu beobachten waren, waren wesentlich langsamer."

Wetterprognose fürs anstehende Wochenende mit weitergehender Bedeutung:

Schreck lass nach. Bundesweit verkündigen die Wetternachrichten ein wunderschönes ´Goldener Oktober´-Wochenende, Sie wissen ja was dies bedeutet!

UFOs über ´England´...

´The Hoax Files: Source of mystery UFOs revealed!´ war die Headline im ´The Meath Chronicle´ ( http://www.meathchronicle.ie/articl... ) zu diesem Artikel:

>The mystery surrounding the appearance of UFOs in the skies over Dunboyne recently has been solved. It´s all because of a wedding!

´UFOs´ spotted over Dunboyne´ were among the rather lurid headlines in both national and local papers, while the incident was reported widely on the internet and was the highlight of a recent paranormal convention. The ´UFOs´ were filmed {siehe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMLG... } by a high-ranking garda (not from Dunboyne) who happened to be in the area and even an excited Carl Nally, co-founder of UFO and Paranormal Research Ireland, described the footage captured on a camera phone as "the best film of a UFO ever filmed in Ireland and perhaps some of the best footage ever captured worldwide" {!}. However, the much publicised and discussed ´UFOs´ were actually Chinese sky lanterns released by a local couple as a romantic end to their perfect day!

Andrea Mulligan, a daughter of Mabel and Finian Mulligan of Dunderry, Navan, but who now lives in Manchester, married Lyndon James on 3rd August and held their reception in Dunboyne Castle Hotel. However, when planning their special day, they could never have imagined the headlines the romantic finale to the wedding would create. "It is a Chinese tradition to celebrate a special event by making a wish on these lanterns, lighting them and releasing them into the sky," Andrea explained. "My husband, our guests and I released them as part of our wedding celebrations. There wasn´t an alien in sight! I cannot believe this story is all over the internet!" she said this week.

Andrea, who is a solicitor, and Lynden, who is a detective inspector with the British Police, have never really been interested in UFOs and are both astonished at the reaction to their gesture. There were worldwide reports of four triangular UFOs being spotted in the skies over Dunboyne at 10.45pm on 3rd August, the date of Andrea and Lynden´s wedding. "We had a good laugh. It is absolutely gas and I particularly loved reports that alien activity was increasing because of what is happening at Tara," she added. Traditionally used in Asian festivals, sky lanterns are said to create an awe-inspiring alternative to a fireworks display and are often used for weddings parties, barbeques and other festivities. Also known as paper or sky lanterns, they are extremely light and can fly in the air for up to 20 minutes and will travel several miles in distance, after which the flame will blow out and they will gently float back down for a safe landing. Sky lanterns can fly to more than 1,000 meters in altitude.

Because of Dunboyne Castle´s proximity to Dublin Airport, Andrea and Lyndon had to get permission from the Irish Aviation Authority and the local Gardai before releasing the sky lanterns. "If all these people were so convinced it was aliens, just a little research with the Irish aviation authorities would have told them what it was," Andrea said.<

Zu genau dieser Geschichte fand ich noch diesen bemerkenswerten Beitrag unter http://www.blather.net/zeitgeist/ar... : "Reports of UFO over Dunboyne, Meath - UPDATE ... Some comments posted below an article on the Tribune { http://www.tribune.ie/article/2008/... } claim that the UFOs were nothing more than, you guessed it, our old friend, the Chinese lanterns { http://blather.net/zeitgeist/archiv... }. Regular blather.net readers will know that a great many UFO flaps from the last two years. Carl Nally himself also posted though, stating that the lanterns had nothing to do with it..."

´Pair spot UFO over Sutton´ meldete ´St.Helens Today´ ( http://www.sthelensreporter.co.uk/s... ) um wieder mitten in den Kartoffelberg zu hüpfen:

>A strange-looking UFO has been spotted in the skies over St Helens - two pals spotted four, orange disc-like objects hovering above the New Street area of Sutton as they were leaving Sutton Cricket Club. They describe the objects as moving slowly and silently through the night sky and heading in the direction of Parr. One of the men, who has asked not to be named, said: "It was definitely not a weather balloon or anything like that, it was unlike anything I have ever seen before. The four discs were bright, but not like a shining light, like a reflective surface." The man was amazed when he spoke to a taxi driver friend later that week and discovered he´d also seen a similar UFO over Parr later that same evening.

"To have three people see exactly the same thing, and at almost the same time makes it all the more fascinating. We were all baffled by it." The pair had been enjoying a night at the Sutton Cricket Club and were preparing to leave when they spotted the object. "We were about to get into my car when we were both stopped in our tracks by the sight of this thing. This thing was just hovering in the night sky. It was so unexpected." The incident is similar to one earlier this year when several residents in the Wymbrel Avenue area of Newton-le-Willows spotted a strange object in the night sky. Stuart Welsby had been returning from a shopping trip with wife Emma and their young son when he spotted a ´glowing orange blob´ floating across the Newton skyline. Amazingly, he spotted the same strange glowing light at around the same time the following night.

Mr Welsby, a 31-year-old mobile paint sprayer, said at the time: "We just saw this thing in the sky and both said ´what an earth is that´. It was right above us but was moving at the normal speed of an airplane but it had no aviation lights and when I turned my engine off there was absolutely no noise coming from it. I would describe it as like a bright orange glow. You could tell by the way it was moving that it wasn´t a shooting star or a meteor. I stopped the car and got out to take a better look and there were a few other people milling about who´d also noticed it. It was very odd. I took a picture on my mobile phone but we were only about a minute from our house so we dashed home to get my digital camera. When we got back it was still there but by the time I had got the digital camera out it had disappeared, which was also very strange because it was a clear night with not much cloud."

Have you Spotted anything strange in the skies over St Helens? We want to hear from you. Contact our newsdesk by calling 01744 611011 or emailing [email protected] <

´Red lights in night sky leave Wrexham residents perplexed´ hieß es beim ´Evening Leader´ ( http://www.eveningleader.co.uk/news... ):

>They may have been dismissed by UFO sceptics as nothing more than Chinese lanterns, but reports from readers in Wrexham of strange objects in the night sky continue to pour in to the Evening Leader. Reader Maxine Owen spotted the now infamous three triangular lights as she picked up her daughter from her mother´s house on Crosnewydd Road at the Coedpoeth to Wrexham junction on Sunday evening. Her eyewitness account is the latest in a string of UFO sightings across the county in recent weeks, almost all of which report seeing the triangle formation of lights moving very slowly across the sky. She said:

"As I approached the traffic lights on Crosnewydd road at the Coedpoeth to Wrexham junction I could see a beautiful crescent moon in the sky ahead of us, I then noticed three red lights in a perfect triangle shape to the left of the moon. Just as I was wondering what they were my fiance asked if I just seen the three red lights. As I turned right into the lane at the side of Ysgol Clywedog the three red lights had now formed into the shape of a forward slash, moving very slowly to the right and going slightly upwards. My fiance tried to take a picture on my phone but unfortunately you can only see the moon on it. I looked at the time and it was 7.43pm. As we arrived at my mum´s house in Court Road, the lights were now ahead of us, still in the formation but with the third light lagging slightly behind. I ran in to shout to my family to come outside to look - they could also see the lights and before our eyes the third light caught up with the other two back into perfect formation. The sky was very clear and you could see stars and planes. The planes had flashing lights and moving much faster than the red lights. After a few minutes the three red lights disappeared."

Last week we reported how Leader reader Zoe Morris told us she had spotted the lights above her Ponciau home - and shortly after the reception on her television had been affected. A number of people have also contacted us to claim the phenomena are nothing but Chinese lanterns, after finding the objects on the ground.<

´VIDEO: A bright orange flying saucer with flashing lights...´ hieß es bei der ´Dunfermline Press´ ( http://www.dunfermlinepress.com/art... , hier findet man auch das Video abgelegt):

>A bright orange flying saucer with flashing lights... Don´t tell members of one Dunfermline family there´s no such thing as a UFO. For they´ve seen one - and have a four-minute film to prove it. David Hill (39) and partner Elizabeth Cameron (33) were mesmerised on Sunday night when they witnessed what they described a hovering UFO above their house in Arthur Street at about 8.15pm. But they still had the presence of mind to call on their neighbours and dash for Elizabeth´s digital camera to capture the excitement on film. David said, "We saw a bright orange rod-like structure emerge from the south of Dunfermline. It stalled in the sky above us and then we could clearly see it change its shape into a large orange ring, like a doughnut. It was enormous and the ring itself had an orange glow but in the middle was flashing orange, red, yellow and white lights. It came into the sky above Dunfermline and hovered above our house for approximately five minutes and then moved north. From where we were it looked as though it was coming from the Lothians." He added, "When it lifted off it was orange and like a rectangle; when it got into the air it became square and once it was above us, from the angle it became a saucer. We shouted to our neighbours next door and they came out. We were so exasperated by what we were seeing, you´re kind of rooted to the spot a bit."

David, Elizabeth and two-year-old son Adam gathered in the back garden with their neighbours and their neighbours´ parents, with all eyes transfixed to the sky above. "We were stunned," David admitted. "Initially it looked like a rocket lifting off but it was too slow for that and too big - it was absolutely enormous. Once it got above us the dimensions became obvious. It was a saucer shape. It virtually stopped above our head and we were getting a clear view of it, and at that stage we realised this was something absolutely remarkable." He continued, "We were quite impressed with how quickly we thought of getting the camera, I think we got it after about 40 seconds. We were lucky to have captured it. I knew from the way it was moving it wasn´t like an aeroplane. The way that it moved across the sky; it was slow and methodical and it stopped in the sky. It changed shape and it was all different colours. When it was above us it was surreal. At that moment in time we were thinking, ´What the hell is it?´ It´ shaped like your archetypal UFO - namely a saucer with flashing lights underneath it. I would have said it was maybe a mile above us. I spoke to the police and they told me that nobody else had reported seeing the sighting."

David, who said the sight was "obering and quite startling", added, "We live in a time when we have all open minds to possibilities of life on other planets. We see films like Independence Day and Alien and we have got that imagination put into us but when you actually see something that you think you would see in a Hollywood film, actually in our skies, it´ a moment that doesn´t leave you. What we saw was quite remarkable."

Ian and Joyce Munro, from Dunfermline, also spotted what they thought was a "red hot air balloon on fire ascending rapidly northwards near Townhill Road" at around 7.30pm on Sunday. Ian said, "My wife got her binoculars and my guess is that it was some kind of hot air balloon. You couldn´t really tell - it was so dark."<

Erste Kommentare dazu: "Sounds exactly like a description of a Sky Lantern being launched (Google SkyLantern). They would appear like a glowing orange vertical rectangle at launch and would appear more round or square when overhead. The flashing would be caused by the burning and dripping wax used to heat the lantern." - "It seems to me that the headline should have read ´Local buffoon sees balloon´" - "I have never seen a Chinese lantern move like this." {Klar hat wirklich noch niemand! Ist ja auch eine verwackelte Videoaufnahme mit einer handgehaltenen Kamera!}

Unser ganz spezielles Betthupferl heute: Der 10-minütige Kurzfilm ´BEYOND THE TIME BARRIER´ - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xlus... - aus dem Jahre 1960 mit Robert Clarke.

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