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UFOs zum amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitstag - sind die selben wie bei uns

Und die englischen UFOs sind es ja auch, langsam kommt dies selbst in Englands Presse durch - Einem britischen UFOlogen wurde der ´Wiersgalla´-Preis verliehen!

Freitag, der amerikanische Unabhängigkeitstag - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRGU... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAZ9... - , der 4.Juli 2008 aka ID4. Mal sehen ob dann die diamantförmigen UFOs wieder auftauchen, die sogar unter dem selben Namen in Kanada verkauft werden, siehe: http://www.gift3721.com/kmd/en/view... . Wie auch immer, mal sehen, was es heute zu verkünden gibt.

Auf jeden Fall kam aus den USA diese Meldung gleich am Morgen: ´Bucks County UFO mystery solved?´ berichteten die Action News von 6abc.com/WPVI-TV Philadelphia ( http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?s... ):

>Langhorne, Pa. - July 3, 2008 (WPVI) -- One man thinks he knows what the strange lights in the Bucks County sky actually were. The sightings have all been along Route 1 around the Oxford Valley Mall. There have reportedly been four this year, but a local businessman isn´t buying all the hoopla. He blames one of his products for the sightings. Anthony Lobianco owns Intergalactic Fireworks off Route 1 in Langhorne. He says sky lanterns have been flying off the shelves and then flying into the air.

There have reportedly been four sightings, with the first two in January, and another one in April when Lobianco´s store wasn´t even open then, but he still believes the lanterns are the floating objects people are reportedly. Many of his customers are not only buying his fireworks but also his theory. Still there are people who believe in UFOs. The Mutual UFO Network will send investigators to the location to check out the claims {sic - Stephenville lässt grüßen, wie das legendäre Murmeltier, ist schon bald ´Wiersgalla´-würdig}. Action News tried to get members on camera for an interview. They denied our request, but concede over 90 percent of sightings are manmade, but they´re not ready to debunk the most recent sightings here in Bucks County.<

CNN und Larry King - die Roswell-Talksendung wurde um einen Tag verschoben, um ein aktuelles Thema aufzugreifen. Die Geiselbefreiung in Kolumbien.

Vom ´Guardian´ ( http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentis... ) aus England kam der Kommentar zum ´Tag´ - ´We are the alien nation - Recent ´sightings´ expose a collective anxiety that has more to do with security fears than ET´:

>After giving a lecture on conspiracy theories to a largely US audience, I was stopped in the corridor by an intense-looking member of the audience. He icily recited my reason for questioning the popular hypothesis that aliens had landed at Roswell in New Mexico in 1946: that, if the extraterrestrials really contacted our planet then, it seemed strange that there had been no visit since. "But that´s really unfair," he protested. "You see, we´ve been told to keep quiet and await instructions." While all speakers hope for an informed and involved audience, this was like lecturing on Beethoven and spotting a wild-haired 200-year-old German fiddling with the hearing loop in the stalls. "Sir, are you saying you´re an extraterrestrial?" I asked. He looked around in alarm and put a finger to his lips, hissing: "Sssh!" It´s my belief that this defender of extraterrestrial reticence was not himself an alien, although he may have merited the attentions of what used to be called an alienist. He had the scary stare that may be the mark of those who come from Mars but is definitely associated with men who fought in Vietnam. He may have felt himself to be an alien within the US - and may even have had vivid memories involving strange aircraft and bright lights - but the encounter confirmed my view that belief in visitations from outer space tends to be a displacement of some disorder.

So what is it that so frightens the UK at the moment? Because, even before the time of the year when parliament and Big Brother stop and so the definition of news becomes elastic, the press is filled with UFO stories. The Sun fills pages with accounts of shoppers at regional retail parks seeing strange bright lights in the sky, culminating in the latest spate of sightings over Cheltenham last weekend. And, yesterday, a Daily Mail headline asked: "Was this aliens trying to say hello?" Probably not, I´d say. But let´s consider. UFO sightings have three possible explanations. The first is that ET really is seeking a visa or that the staring guy outside the lecture theatre has finally got his instructions, 62 years after Roswell. But the problem still, for me, is that our friends from the sky remain so shy.

Spasmodically flashing their headlights above a spa town seems so half-hearted after the light years they would have spent getting here. Yeah, I know they may immediately have been arrested or destroyed by a secret X squad of the army. But, if our government knew of contact from outer space, we can be sure someone would have left the details on a train seat by now. Another problem is that the aliens aren´t - well, alien enough. Rationalists often object to spiritualism on the grounds that the dead only ever seem to comment on earthbound matters, rather than revealing any of those aspects of a heaven that would surely be beyond human imagination. Similarly, the aliens in sightings routinely conform to those in science fiction: ovoid eyes, pointed heads, flowing robes.

This leaves the second, and probably strongest, possibility - which is that the flashings identified as spaceships had another, rational explanation. Already, there are suggestions that this week´s Cheltenham UFOs may, in fact, have been Chinese lanterns released into the sky by a school as part of an eastern-themed activity. Less deflatingly, it´s possible that these flashes in the sky really are a secret spaceship, but that they originate on earth. Historically, spottings of supposed UFOs have often occurred close to army or airforce bases. This invites a rational rather than supernatural conspiracy theory: that devices are being tested or employed which are then, in the way of state secrecy, denied.

The final rationale is that spaceship-spotting is an outward expression of inner fears. For instance, many of those who claim to have been abducted by aliens report the experience of being anally or genitally probed. You don´t need to rent rooms in Vienna to guess that a memory of extraterrestrial interference may have replaced that of a human encounter, although it may well have involved being carried out of their bedroom in the middle of the night. In Britain now, the likeliest cause of these reports is fear of a different kind of penetration. UFOs are most likely to be seen at times of panic over national security: it´s no coincidence that the Roswell legend originated exactly as the nuclear age began. In the UK now, concern over immigrants and terrorists finds its outlet in fantasies of alien visitation. Or perhaps our ET hysteria is another blow for Gordon Brown: Britons are panicking at the thought of who - if an otherwordly emissary did demand "take me to your leader" - we´d have to give them.<

Zwischendurch ein paar Bilder vom ´Fusion Festival 2008´ in Lärz/Meck-Pomm vom vergangenen Wochenende: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Liig... . Und weil es ja immer so schön ist weitere Skylanterns unterwegs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99p_... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPx7... . Und hier soetwas wie ein kleiner Ausblick auf den ´Flammenzauber´-Event an diesem Samstagabend in Heidenheim: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZGf... . Übrigens habe ich gegen Mittag in der Sache die PM ´Zum Heidenheimer ´Flammenzauber´ steigen massenhaft jene UFOs auf, die Deutschland derzeiten wie noch nie heimsuchen!´ als Presse-Info ausgegeben. Dies mit dem Ziel: Endlich einmal darauf aufmerksam zu machen, dass das nicht nur nette Himmelslampions sind, sondern das diese hübschen Spielzeuge für Erwachsene eben die Auslöser für die große deutsche UFO-Welle derzeiten sind. Dies muss auch dazu gesagt werden, sonst begreift das von alleine niemand. Woher auch? Natürlich habe ich auch die TV-Sender mit ihren Nachrichtenprogrammen darauf hingewiesen, dies in der Hoffnung, dass das geniale Bildmaterial allein schon mal durch den Freiflug von hunderten Himmelslaternen dann auch in zwei/drei Sätzen entsprechend begleitet wird! Sonst hat dies ja keine aufklärende Wirkung! Es muss ja im Interesse aller UFO-Interessierten sein, dass die Meldezahl von nicht-erkannten IFOs der Himmelslaternen-Kategorie reduziert wird, eigentlich erheblich reduziert wird - und dies geht eben nur durch öffentliche Aufklärung an der ich mich ja auch schon genau deswegen seit einem Jahr abstrample, weil mir die riesige Quantität von UFO-Meldungen einfach auf die Nüße geht! Ob das was bringt, weiß ich nicht - weil die Geschichte mit den UFOs von Groß-Umstadt hat ja nicht mal die Lokal- und Regionalpresse gejuckt.

Die erste UFO-Meldung des ´Tages´ aus unserer ´Zone´ - eine eMail mit dem Betreff ´Ufo über Salzburg?´ von Hubert M.: "... habe in Salzburg am Mittwoch Abend/Nacht nähe/in Salzburg ein unbekanntes Flugobjekt gesehen. Datum war der 02.07.2008, ein fast klarer Himmel, Uhrzeit ca. 22:45Uhr. Wohne in der Nähe Europark und das Objekt tauchte Richtung Untersberg auf und flog Richtung Deutschland. Also geschätzte Richtung: Südwestlich. Entfernung war dabei sehr schwer schätzbar. Objekt stieg dann sehr schnell nach oben. Zum Objekt: Ich weiß, da ist der Flughafen und kenne die normalen Fluggeräusche. Ich konnte aber nichts hören! Abflüge waren zur Zeit keine eingeplant (jedenfalls nichts für die Öffentlichkeit laut Homepage des Salzburger Flughafens). Zur Information, da ist die Flugroute über Freilassing D. Das Teil war sehr schnell unterwegs - ähnlich wie ein Eurofighter. Zum Aussehen: Ähnlich wie eine Lichtflamme - sehr hell aber eher punktuell; kein Festkörper erkennbar. In einer Richtung war ein Farbbogen wie ein Laserschwert, ein bläuliches Licht zu erkennen. Länge etwa 2/3 wie das Objekt selbst. Kein Blinklicht wie sonst üblich bei Flugzeugen. Bild habe ich leider keines. Besoffen und sonst wie beeinflusst war ich nicht. Meine Freundin hat es auch gesehen. Aber was?? Haben die Amerikaner oder Russen da was - neuer Antrieb? Oder doch was von weit draußen?"

Ich fragte nach ein paar Details nach, die ich am Abend erhielt: "Objektbeobachtungslänge  ca 1min 30sec. Aber  die ´hohe Geschwindigkeit´ ist relativ... kommt auf die Objektgröße und absolute Entfernung an. Und die Entfernung könnte ich schlecht schätzen weil ich die Größe vom Obejkt nicht kenne. Aber dieses Objekt war leise bzw ich konnte mit meinem Gehör überhaupt nichts wahrnehmen. Farbe des Objektes: eher hell orange bis gelblich." Also eigentlich alles wie gehabt.

Am frühen Nachmittag erreichte mich ein Mitarbeiter der Sternwarte Bielefeld, weil ihn gerade ein Reporter von einer Zeitung angerufen hatte, um nachzufragenn, was es mit den roten Lichtkugeln auf sich habe, die diverse Zeitungsleser gegen 22:30 h des Dienstagabends gesehen hatten und jetzt bei der Zeitung nachfragten, was es mit ihnen auf sich habe. Auch dieser Astro-Freund hatte von Himmelslaternen noch nie etwas gehört, weswegen er doch mal bei mir nachfragte, was es mit den Beobachtungen wohl auf sich habe. Gut so. Jetzt weiß er Bescheid.

UFOs in England...

´Airborne lanterns lead to reports of UFO sightings´ war die Headline in der ´Bastingstoke Gazette´ ( http://www.thisisbasingstoke.co.uk/... } zu diesem Artikel:

>It was intended as a romantic gesture by newlyweds Glenn and Cody West - but it ended up as a national story about UFOs visiting Basingstoke. The likely explanation for all the UFO excitement now appears to be a squadron of illuminated Chinese-style rice paper lanterns set adrift by a wedding party at Audleys Wood Hotel, in Alton Road, Basingstoke. Shocked residents raised the alarm after they saw a group of strange lights and recorded the sight on video. But neither the air traffic controllers at the National Air Traffic Service nor the Ministry of Defence were able to offer explanations {! - aber woher sollen sie es auch wissen?}.

Yesterday, however, wedding guest James Denning, 32, told The Gazette the explanation was a little closer to home than Martians. He was attending the wedding reception of his friends Glenn and Cody West from Ash, near Aldershot. He said: "We let off these paper Chinese lanterns - about 30 or 40 of them. A lot of them went across the top of the hotel and up and up for miles and that´s all it was." He said the lanterns were the brainchild of the 25-year-old bride, who bought about 40 of them for her guests. Mr Denning, who works for Mars Drinks in Armstrong Road, Daneshill, said: "Every couple had to do one. That was the reason behind it. They did look like something from outer space because there were so many of them." Mr West, 30, and his new wife are now on honeymoon in the USA. Having seen what was recorded and shown on the internet, Mr Denning, from York Road, Ash, said: "They were pretty amazing, the pictures. It raised a chuckle among all the guests. I´m afraid it wasn´t UFOs - it was just Chinese paper lanterns!"

David Osborne, 47, was one of those unable to explain what he saw and recorded between 10.40pm and 11.10pm last Saturday. The father-of-three, who earlier that evening watched alien invasion movie Independence Day with two of his daughters, saw the eerie lights moving in the Alton to Odiham direction. Mr Osborne, of Loggon Road, Cranbourne, said: "They were bright orange and high in the sky. I´ve never seen anything like it in my life." Mr Osborne, a former Hewlett Packard account manager and now full-time carer for his 14-year-old daughter Georgia, later added: "My immediate thought was how awesome it looked. The old adrenaline really started pumping." Further along Loggon Road, 47-year-old lorry driver Reg Lockyer was also unable to explain the lights he and his family saw from outside their house. He said: "I couldn´t believe it. I was absolutely shocked."<

´Local UFOs - the truth...´ meldete der ´Bromsgrove Advertiser´ ( http://www.bromsgroveadvertiser.co.... ) zu diesem Artikel:

>A Bromsgrove man, who believes his Chinese lanterns offer an explanation to our mysterious red objects in the sky story, says he was embarrassed by its coverage. Mark Bell, of Chaucer Road, is convinced that his lanterns are the mysterious red objects Bromsgrove residents have been seeing in skies above the town over the past year. The 46-year-old became interested in the Chinese lanterns after first seeing them at the Big Chill festival in Ledbury last August, purchasing 500 of them for over ?300. Since then Mr Bell has become an enthusiast, regularly lighting and setting them off from his Aston Fields-based home. With the helps of friends, the burning lanterns, which rise into the sky using the hot air from its own flame, have also been let off from the Oakalls estate, and the Lickey and Malvern Hills.

Mr Bell said: "I first saw them at the festival and I liked them as they looked like UFOs. With a friend, we got them ordered in from China and planned to sell a few. It´s a great laugh, launching them ten at a time, and now I´ve only got ten left," Mark added.

The story of the mysterious red objects was first covered by the Advertiser/Messenger back in May generating a massive response - a UFO incident in the town was mentioned in the national press last week. Other residents have also contacted us to claim their lanterns were the source of the mysterious objects. Mr Bell added: "I was embarrassed at first. I can see why people think that they are UFOs, but I felt it was time to put a stop to it. I´m saving the last few for special occasions."<

´Mystery lights aren´t lanterns, say experts´ meldeten die ´Worcester News´ ( http://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news... ):

>Strange lights hovering over Worcestershire were not fire lanterns, according to UFO experts. Earlier this week your Worcester News reported how a cluster of colourful lights had been spotted and photographed in the sky above the city. Andy Ball had been photographing an unusual cloud formation when he captured the lights. The same, mysterious objects - cylindrical in shape, completely silent and deadly still - were spotted by a number of Worcester News readers. There has been speculation that many UFO sightings are in fact fire or sky lanterns, which are becoming increasingly popular at weddings and celebrations in the UK. But after studying the pictures, taken by Andy Ball at 12.05am on Monday, June 30, experts have decided they do not show paper lanterns.

Michael Soper, of Contact International UFO Research, said: "They are not lanterns. On one set of photographs the lights were too indistinguishable to tell, but on the others they were clearly cylindrical, which indicates they are not lanterns {dafür gehört ihm sofort ein ´Wiersgalla´ wegen purer ufologischer Standard-Dummheit und Dummschwätzerei - um zu vertuschen, in Wirklichkeit keine Ahnung zu haben - in Reinkultur verliehen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHT1... !}. All the fire balloons we have come across are shaped like mini hot air balloons. These lights are rather more interesting that we expected." But not everyone is convinced. Commenting on worcesternews.co.uk, one reader wrote: "As a photographer with +40 years experience, I say it´s a reflection of the bright lights on the building, probably reflected by a cheap filter on the camera lens. Anyone could go to that site and take another picture and get similar results."

Mandy Brown, of Vines Lane, Droitwich, saw what she thinks were lanterns floating over her house at 1am on Saturday, June 14. "There were 19 of them, I did think it must be some sort of balloon as there was no sound," she said. Mark Archer, of Hallow, saw a similar phenomenon over his back garden at midnight in Hallow, near Worcester, on Thursday, June 26. "I was looking for the usual things like shooting stars and satellites when I noticed in a southern direction a really bright star that I had never seen before in that position," he said. "I thought it may be the police helicopter as the light was so bright, but there was no sound. It was completely still and silent. I watched it for about two or three minutes and it never moved." Two hours earlier Sheila Garner, of Whittingon, saw a "bright round light in the sky" from Whittington Road, Worcester. "It was much too big to be a satellite or a star," she said. Last month dog walker Bonnie Lewis filmed lights flying over Bromsgrove. The 29-year-old said the seven shapes made no sound and flashed different colours.

To report sightings {um den Bock zum Gärtner zu machen, was ja nur reiner Zynismus der Redaktion gewesen sein kann} call Contact International UFO Research on 01865 726908 or visit contactinternational.co.uk.<

Neues von der BBC: ´Police say UFO was just the Moon´ ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/... ) heiß es in einem neuen Report:

>Police called out to a 999 call about an unexplained object in the night sky solved the mystery straight away for their operator - "it´s the Moon, over." But the emergency call meant the officers were sent out to a house in the valleys area of south Wales. They were told a "bright stationary object" was spotted above the unnamed caller´s home. A recording of the call has been released as part of a police campaign asking people to use 999 appropriately. The Control Room conversation, which took place in May, was recorded - and below is a transcript:

Control Room: "South Wales Police, what´s your emergency?"

Caller: "It´s not really. I just need to inform you that across the mountain there´s a bright stationary object."

Control room: "Right."

Caller: "If you´ve got a couple of minutes perhaps you could find out what it is? It´s been there at least half an hour and it´s still there."

Control: "It´s been there for half an hour. Right. Is it actually on the mountain or in the sky?"

Caller: "It´s in the air."

Control: "I will send someone up there now to check it out."

Caller: "OK."

The mystery was soon solved, as the exchange between control and an officer at the scene, makes clear.

Control: "Alpha Zulu 20, this object in the sky, did anyone have a look at it?"

Officer: "Yes, it´s the moon. Over."

Control room staff have also had to with a stream of unsuitable calls made on the 999 number during an "extremely busy period", said a spokesman. Another caller rang asking for help when they wanted to vote for Rhydian on the TV programme X-Factor. ...<

Den UFO-Mond-Anruf können Sie hier abhören: http://videos.icnetwork.co.uk/m3/99...

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