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UFO-Thementag im britischen TV

Am 18.Dezember 2004 geht es beim englischen Science-Discovery-Channel rund wie bei Untertassen

Sie haben es bereits unübersehbar am Nikolaustag vernommen, als BILD die "Hitler-UFO-Nummer" aus dem Sack holte. Hier wurde berichtet, dass der angesehene Wissenschaftssender "Discovery" in einer TV-Dokumentation am 18.Dezember über das "UFO-Programm der Nazis" berichten werde. Dies stimmt schon halbwegs, aber dies gilt nur für Zuschauer des Senders (genauer Discovery-Science-Channel, der ´zweite Kanal´ von Discovery quasi) in England wo es sogar einen UFO-Thementag gibt und fast (aber nur fast) rund um die Uhr es um UFOs geht!

08:00 h Ortszeit - "UFO: Down to Earth, Reason to Believe": Investigates and assesses some of the most famous cases of people who claim to have seen, photographed or been abducted by UFOs.

09:00 - "UFO: Down to Earth, Great Balls of Fire": It is thought most UFO activity might simply be electromagnetic activity. Are alien abductions therefore due to a common neurological disturbance?

10:00 - "UFO: Down to Earth, Retrieval": An air force cameraman and a forensic pathologist both show the mistakes made by the hoaxers of the famous Roswell ´alien autopsy´ footage.

11:00 - "UFO: Down to Earth, Dreamland": Investigating the possibility that UFO technology has influenced the design of top secret aircraft and how often these visitations might occur.

12:00 - "UFOs Over Phoenix": Examine the events of March 1997 when hundreds of people reported seeing strange objects in the night sky over central Arizona.

13:00 - "Britain´s Secret UFO Hunters": Discover the secret MOD organisation that was set up to monitor British airspace during the Cold War following several reported sightings of UFOs.

14:00 - "Critical Eye, Aliens": Examines evidence relating to UFO sightings, alien abductions, government conspiracies and communication with extraterrestrial life forms.

Danach Wiederholung der vorausgehenden Programmstrecke.

21:00 - "Aliens Have Landed": An intriguing look into the obsession with the extraterrestrial, examining the evidence behind reported cases of alien abduction.

Ausgeworfen ist hier das Hitler-UFO-Programm noch nicht, aber es gibt an verschiedenen Punkten des Tages "Sendungen nach Ansage".



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