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Billy Meier, seine Kontakte und andere UFO-"Beweise"

Ein riesiges Durcheinander löchert die UFOlogie

Wie Bill Hamilton auf der UFO Updates-Liste am 22.März 02 unter dem Betreff "Billy Meier´s ET Contact Assesses Ufology" berichtete, hatte er am Abend vorher einen beeindruckenden Vortrag von Michael Horn auf einer Veranstaltung der MUFON-Abteilung in Los Angeles besucht. Horn verlas eine Kontaktmitschrift (Kontakt Nr.251) namens "Dialog" von Billy Meier mit dem Plejadier Ptaah. Ptaah soll dabei "festgestellt" haben zu UFO-Fotograf Ed Walters: "Er ist ein Schwindler und Betrüger, seine Fotos sind Fälschungen. Dies ist bekannte Tatsache." Betreffs den sagenhaften Amaury Rivera-Fotos von einer Fliegenden Untertassen und einem F-14-Abfangjäger: "Trickfotografie wobei Modelle an Fäden verwendet wurden." Zu Michael Hesemann: "Er lässt es gerne zu, sich leicht hereinlegen und narren zu lasen und er glaubt falscherweise er sei von außerirdischer Herkunft." Zu dem Kontaktler den Michael Hesemann neben Billy Meier so fördert, Carlos Diaz, will Ptaah ausgesagt haben: "Er ist ein Lügner, ein Betrüger und ein listiger Schwindler." Sie können sich nun ob dieses innerfraktionellen Streits eigene Gedanken machen.

Hier das Original: From: Bill Hamilton <[email protected]>

To: [email protected]

Subject: Billy Meier´s ET Contact Assesses Ufology

Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:04:27 -0800 (PST)

Dear All,

After attending an impressive presentation by Michael Horn last night at MUFON-LA, I was almost convinced to reassess my opinion of the Billy Meier case. Horn kept referring to the predictions made in Contact 251 so I obtained a transcript of this alleged dialogue between Meier and Ptaah, a Plejaran who sets matters right about ufology, researchers, other contactees, Michael Hesseman, and even MUFON. Quotable quotes:

on Ed Walters:

Ptaah: He is a swindler and a fraud, and his photos are counterfeit. This is an established fact.


Ptaah: ...MUFON alone must not be blamed for this entire hysteria (regarding hysteria and idiocy in America)

Also, Ptaah confirms that many UFOs are flying objects being developed by many nations.

On Amaury Rivera´s photo of a UFO and F-14 interceptor:

Ptaah: Trick photography used with models suspended with fishing lines... (hmmm, sounds like some skeptidebunkers on the List)

On Michael Hesseman:

He allows himself to be easily tricked and deceived, and he erroneously believes he is of extraterrestrial origin. (Hey, I even thought I was at one time)

On Carlos Diaz:

Ptaah: ...he is a liar, a fraud, and a cheat. (No wonder they don´t like Hesemann´s support of this case. Competition.)

Ptaah makes it clear there are no current contacts going on other than Meier.

When queried about the Roswell and Aztec UFO crashes and Area 51, Ptaah responded that these matters fall under his pledge of secrecy and he is not permitted to speak about these issues officially. (Sorry guys as I know you all want to know the truth behind these events and our trusted ET source is not at liberty to reveal all)

Ptaah does go on to say that Hesemann could be a valuable individual if only he would desist being influenced to such a great extent by lies, deceit, fraud, and charlantry. Be grateful that you have not be singled out by Ptaah concerning your research for he tells it like it is in no uncertain terms. There is much more our friend Ptaah reveals through his only spokesperson Billy Meier. We could invite him to join the list and give us all frank assessments of UFOlogical research today with his acute ability to discern the truth, but I am afraid he would decline our gracious offer as he has told Billy (as of 1995) that they have withdrawn all their people and installations from our world for they foresee dire happenings in our immediate future including a WWIII. Who wants to stick around for that? It is also noteworthy that all former contactees have been called fraudulent by the Plejarans, but Ptaah does not reveal how some of the same historical information as imparted by them were imparted by these earlier contactees as if the material was genuine.

Ahhh, to have all the answers so readily available from an extraterrestrial - that´s the ticket. Maybe some of you will now change your minds about the Meier case and see it as he wishes it to be seen. Oh, yeh, and where was Tersiziki in all of this? Ptaah forgot to mention the great feats of German engineering. Smile, they are all light years away by now.

With humble apologies, Bill Hamilton (hand me that bottle of gripple!)

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