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Verwüstungs-geplagtes Japan - UFO-Industrie zeigt vor der Alien-Weltinvasion ethische Verantwortung

Die Extra-Meldung des Tages ist klar: ´´Battle: Los Angeles´ not showing in Japan! - UFOlogie-Industrie-Moratorium von SONY aus Respekt vor dem katastrophalen Drama in der Heimat!

Unglaublich in dieser Zeit des Raubtier-Kapitalismus - Klasse; MORAL vor Geld und Sensations-Schau ihrer selbst Willen (da können nicht wenige ufologische Seifenblasen-Produzenten und -Blender als ´Lichtgestalten´ ihres schrägen UFO-Konsortiums was lernen!) - Respekt:

+++ ´Battle: Los Angeles´ NOT showing in Japan ! +++

Dies meldet ausgerechnet die ABC aus Los Angeles {sic!} - http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?s... :

"Sony Pictures is delaying the release of the movie, ´Battle: Los Angeles´ in Japan because of the disaster {!}. The film is about an alien invasion and shows images of mass destruction."

+ Und dies obwohl für SONY der Film ja quasi ein ´Heimatfilm´ (bitte nicht falsch verstehen - wollen!) ist - "The earthquake and tsunami are also affecting the global box office. International movie ticket sales plunged 60 percent last weekend compared to last year {!}. Analysts said Japan is one of Hollywood´s biggest markets {!}, accounting for about 10 percent of international box office revenue."

Invasion of the multiplex

+ Der ´Ottawa Citiziens´ ( http://www.ottawacitizen.com/Invasi... ) setzt dies in diesem Rahmen zwecks der psychologisch-soziologischen Bedeutung der Wiederkehr (obwohl sie waren ja nie weg; also ich kann mich als genau solcher SF-Alien-UFO-Filmfan nicht an eine Lücke z.B. über ein Jahrzehnt hinweg erinnern; können Sie sich an einen lange ´Durststrecke´ erinnern?) des Alien-SF-Filme dies auf:

>Watch the skies. They´re coming to get us all. "They," of course, are aliens. Not from another country. From outer space. Hollywood is in the midst of an alien invasion unequaled since the paranoid Cold War fantasies of the early 1950s. ... At least eight more alien-themed films will open this year, with several more planned for 2012. ... And it´s not just at the megaplex. Alien invasion is hot on the TV screen, too. Witness the ongoing series ´V´ and ´The Event´.

Why now?

The 1950s was the heyday of the alien invasion movie. The concept goes all the way back to H.G. Wells´ 1897 novel ´The War of the Worlds´, but it was in the uncertainties of the Cold War that little green men from beyond became rooted in our consciousness. ... Their popularity was born in the fears of communism and atomic annihilation. Aliens became a potent metaphor for all the scary outside elements that could undermine Eisenhower´s America. ... Some argue that alien invasion movies satisfy because they show human beings putting aside their differences to combat an external foe. ...

Industry observer Paul Degarabedian: "We saw that over the last couple of years with vampires. Now aliens seem to be the next big deal." Hollywood, he noted, is always on the lookout for films that are "action-based, conducive to big special effects and able to bring in younger audiences and play well overseas." Alien invasion movies fit the bill perfectly. ... "All pop culture, including sci-fi, gets more complicated as it evolves," he said. ... "Movies like ´Close Encounters of the Third Kind´ and ´E.T.´ suggested that maybe the problem is us , not the aliens {! - genau unsere Argumentationskette}. ... There are good aliens and bad ones -- just like people."<

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