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+ CENAP-eXtra: ´UFO-X-Files´ in England, der nächste Schub (Nr.7) kommt zu Karneval raus +

Hollywood´s SF-Kriegs-Kracher ´Battle: Los Angeles´ (alias ´World Invasion: Los Angeles´ ab Mitte April in Deutschland) bekommt den Weg bereitet; das nächste UFO-Theater 2011 kann losgehen

+++ Zur Einstimmung sehen Sie erst einmal den deutschen Trailer zum SONY-Kinofilm der ´World Invasion: Los Angeles´ - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVHm... . +++

Der irische ´Independent´ ( http://www.independent.ie/world-new... ) setzte die Headline "Close encounters of the blurred kind" und ließ auch David Clarke (DC) zu Worte kommen:

>... Dr David Clarke {DC} , author of the book ´The UFO Files´, said: "Before the Freedom of Information Act, we had to wait 30 years or more before we could see files on UFOs." The files are available to download free for a month from the website www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ufos.<

DC berichtete auf seiner Website ( http://drdavidclarke.co.uk/national... ) unter "National Archives UFO Files 7 - On 3 March 2011: The National Archives released the 7th tranche of MoD UFO files" zu den Ereignissen analystisch detailiert als Insider genau dieser Materie, da er bekanntlich selbst das MoD auf die Sprünge brachte und sich selbst aktiv einbrachte, um den MoD-UFO-Akten-Freigabeprozeß entlang der FOIA in England auf den Weg zu bringen:

>Destruction of Files - the first ´Smoking Gun´?

A number of papers in this tranche of files reveal the MoD destroyed whole collections of UFO files as recently as 1990 for reasons they could not explain  They were reluctant to publicly admit they had destroyed files as they feared this might add fuel to allegations they were involved in a cover-up. They were right!

The most frank admission appears in papers covering an internal MoD exchange following the public release of the famous ´Rendlesham File´ in 2001. When a copy of this file - that contained unclassified paperwork {!} - was sent to me in May that year it was immediately obvious from the paper trail that further documents relating to the case must be held by other MoD branches, specifically the secretive Defence Intelligence Staff section DI55 that had an interest in UFOs and foreign technology {!}. But an archive search by MoD records staff revealed that a collection of DI55 files covering the period 1980-82 had been destroyed {!}, even though other files from the surrounding years had survived. Even worse, record staff could not say who authorised the destruction of the files {!} or why as it was MoD policy to shred the Destruction Certificates after five years (DEFE 24/2026/1). MoD were warned that if what it called this "apparent anomaly in the records" were made public...

Why were these files destroyed? The most likely answer is that, at the time, intelligence staff believed they contained nothing worth preserving. We know these files were just a fraction the total number "lost" or destroyed in the chaotic and disorganised {!!!} MoD records system before Freedom of Information regulations forced them to put their house in order.

´Media obsession´ leads to policy change {!}

DEFE 24/1986/1 is the first of a number of MoD UFO Policy files to be released and contains some papers originally classified as Secret (the first examples so far during the three year TNA UFO project).

The contents reveal how in 1996-97 the workload of the UFO desk at MoD increased by 50% as a direct result of the "media obsession" with the subject that followed the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident {!}. The papers also show that MoD partly blamed the increase on the media activities of its former desk officer, Nick Pope {!}, whose second book, ´The Uninvited´ (on alien abductions) was published in the summer of that year.

In a April 1997 internal briefing Martin Fuller, the head of Secretariat Air Staff 2 (the department responsible for UFOs), wrote that he and Pope´s successor, UFO desk officer Kerry Philpott, were a result struggling to answer a stream of letters "...from members of the public...seeking information about the existence of alien life forms, or seeking a detailed investigation/explanation for...allegations of abduction by aliens, out of the body experiences, animal mutilations, crop circles etc" (DEFE 24/1986/1).

The doubling of the Sec(AS) workload directly led to a significant change in MoD policy covering how staff handled sighting reports received from members of the public from 1997 onwards. In February a 24-hour UFO hotline answerphone service was set up to make it easier for members of the public to report their sightings to Whitehall. However, from April that year it was agreed that only reports made by credible witnesses {!} such as police officers, aircrew and other service personnel, that had some degree of corroboration and/or were reported in a timely fashion, would be forwarded to Air Defence and Defence Intelligence staff for further checks. The briefing papers underline that, in secret, MoD had no real interest in receiving any "singleton reports from the public which tell us nothing {!!!}."  But in practice officials briefed they could close their UFO reporting facility as this "would reveal our policy and there would be a risk that it would be divulged to the UFO fraternity." - This policy change is significant as it preceded the decision by DI55 to remove themselves from UFO research {!!!} with the completion of the Condign report in 2000 {!}. Nine years later, the inevitable endgame of the MoD´s evolving UFO policy was implemented. In November 2009, against a backdrop of public service cuts, the MoD took the opportunity and pulled the plug on its UFO hotline and closed its ´UFO desk.´

9/11: UFOs on Radar

A RAF briefing prepared for the MoD´s UFO desk officer (see DEFE 24/2025/1) reveals 15 unidentified aircraft were detected on radar approaching UK between January-July 2001 immediately before the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. Six of these were unidentified (although two did not enter UK airspace and four were assessed as ´friendly´ {!}). Despite the arrival of ´open government´ the RAF were reluctant to answer specific questions from members of the public about these radar detections as they

a) feared the information would be misinterpreted by those who did not understand how the air defence system worked {!} and

b) their answers could reveal official secrets to an enemy {!}.

More information on radar detection of ´unidentified aircraft´ and procedures for scrambling RAF aircraft to intercept intruders can be found in DEFE 24/2041/1. This file contains a important RAF ADGE briefing dated 30 October 2000 that says:

+++ "...there is no record of any air defence aircraft employed on any air defence mission ever having intercepted, identified or photographed an object of an extra-terrestrial nature." +++

The RAF Wing Commander responsible for this statement also briefs that during the Cold War aircraft were scrambled on a daily basis to intercept Warsaw Pact aircraft approaching the UK coast. After 1989 there was a dramatic fall in scrambles to just two or three incidents per year but there was

+++ "....no evidence to suggest that any of these scrambles have taken place against anything other than man-made aircraft". +++ ...<

WEITERE hochinteressante Informationen packt DC zum Komplex "Cosmic Crashes - UFOs that Fell to Earth" sowie "Nick Pope" aus. So wird z.B. zu jenem ´Ex-MoD-UFO-Officer´ bekannt, wie dieser im MoD selbst nach seinem Ausscheiden zwecks seiner selbstgewählten medialen Aufschneider-Rolle ´angesehen´ wurde:

+++ "... Mr Pope elected to describe his position as the ´Head of the MoD´s UFO Project´, a term entirely of his own invention... Mr Pope constantly puts himself forward in various parts of the media, solicited and unsolicited, as an ´expert´ (despite his lack of recent knowledge about the work carried on in the branch concerned {!!!}) and seeks credit amongst other aficionados for having ´forced´ MoD to reveal its ´secret´ files on the subject. The latter is far from the truth {!!}, as we had begun publishing details of the most ´popular´ reports in the Publication scheme, prior to the advent of the Freedom of Information Act. Mr Pope´s activities have nevertheless resulted in the generation of considerable workload for the stuff currently employed in responding to questions on this topic." +++

Weiteres dann in unserem heutigen Tagesreport - "Jetzt geht es wieder rund - und CENAP-Geheimnisse werden im Bild enthüllt!" für Sie. Ehrensache.

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